Download Hulu

Surely you must be a fan of movies and series. And if in fact are, you must have some streaming service. Hulu is one of the options to be able to enjoy a lot of content online. This service has an app of the same name where you can find nothing but wonderful content and […]

Download Proton VPN

If you are one of those who care about security and privacy when you are surfing the Internet, Proton VPN is the right app for you. This is a virtual private network that allows users to browse the web without being tracked. Download Proton VPN let you be sure that all your information is undecipherable […]

Download Whatsapp Business

The popular WhatsApp service now adapts to business use and management and offers this new app. WhatsApp Business is an indispensable tool for those companies and businesses that want to interact with their clients through the most used instant messaging service in the world. This allows you to have an account for your personal chats […]

Download Morecast

For sure you (and everyone) have once look out the window and see that it is pouring rain while the weather app on your Smartphone shows a radiant sun. Not only the pre-installed app of our phone activated with the location system, there are also dozens of weather app that are too wrong, because their […]

Download Waze

Being on the road can become really annoying with all that heavy traffic on a daily basis. But if you want to know the ways to get anywhere faster and save time on the road, Waze is the right app for you. You can always be aware of what is happening on the road, Waze […]

Download Sonic Dash 2

If you enjoy colorful adventure games, the famous Blue Hedgehog is the option to have lots of fun. Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, is a platform runner endles game, starring Sonic, the mythical SEGA blue hedgehog. He returns to the charge once again to keep running without stopping alongside his usual friends.  He’s coming this […]

Download Easilydo

If you are a person with a tight schedule or you are just a little forgetful, this application is everything you need. So do not worry anymore about not remembering simple things as a birthday or a work meeting. Easilydo has an approximate of 43 functions automated that will make your life simpler. Here we […]