If you are one of those who easily forget their passwords, this app is for you. 1Password is a mobile app available for iOS and Android that works as an excellent password manager. You can save all the passwords of the websites you use in one place so you do not forget any. This app is completely safe and has been recognized as one of the best apps of 2017 for both iOS and Android. If you want to know how to download 1Password keep reading. Now we show you everything you need to know about this amazing app.

How to download 1Password

Download 1Password is very simple and free. As we mentioned, this app is available for iOS and Android. In both OS the app works the same, except that in Android you must pay a subscription after 30 days using the app. You will have 30 days to try 1Password completely free, and if you decide to continue using the app, you will have to pay a cheap price. For Apple users, the app is completely free.

You can get this app directly from the app store corresponding to your OS. But to make things a little simpler, at the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts to download 1Password on iOS and Android. Following the shortcuts you will be sure that you will download the original app.

The app is not heavy so you can download it without problem on your Smartphone or Tablet. You will need internet connection every time you need to use 1Password.

How 1Password works

This app is a completely safe intelligent password manager. You can configure the app by placing your social network accounts, emails, bank accounts and any other service. By associating the account with 1Password you can directly access all these websites whenever you need it. All this information will be protected in an excellent way under a single password called ‘master key’ that only you will know.

When you download 1Password you will also have a password generator that will allow you to create strong passwords so that your accounts are completely secure. If you use more than one device you can synchronize them all to your 1Password account so you can access your accounts from anywhere. You can also share your information with other 1Password users in case you use shared accounts with family or friends.

Using 1Password is completely safe. The information in this app is encrypted end-to-end. There is no way that someone who is not you, or who does not know your master key, can access your personal information. In case you have a Smartphone with fingerprint sensor you can access your 1Password account by placing your fingerprint.

Within the app there are many ways to keep your information organized. You can separate your different types of accounts into separate folders. You can also save other information besides passwords, such as credit card information, addresses, bank account numbers and much more. Download 1Password and start using the best password manager of the moment.

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