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The games of questions and answers have been for a long time one of the genres most acclaimed by the users. These games have made people use their free time, however short, by exercising their brains in applications that challenge their knowledge. Download 94% and start playing this game.

Competing with other users is one of its most striking features; and it is that they encourage that desire to work to be the best and to show others that we are incredible. The 94% app joins fun with knowledge and turns this option into something wonderful to enjoy at all times. Download 94% now.

With 94% you'll have hours of guaranteed fun

When starting our game we get 75 tests and in each our job is to guess 94% of the answers. The objective is not to find the correct answer but to try to guess what word to use by putting ourselves in the head of the other players. Our only requirement is that this word has some relation to the question we have received.

The objective of the game is not to get perhaps the word that most resembles what we receive. It is about learning to think or try to guess what the other players in the community would use. The key is to know others and try to respond as they would without question.

One of our challenges will be to respond as fast as we can, as the app asks for it on each play. In these cases we will have several types of questions; we can receive a simple word, a phrase and even an image. A tip is that you try to respond with the first thing that comes to mind; so you will not waste time and have participated in your turn.

If you feel you can not move forward, do not worry, you can request a hint in the app. When we turn to this tool we will begin to use coins; and if you get to spend them all you will have the opportunity to buy more with real money. Download 94% and enjoy an incredible experience with your friends.

How to download 94%?

You can download 94% in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Overcome all levels of difficulty and discover how your opponent thinks at all times. You are still in time to try it from any mobile device at any time. Below we leave the link to download 94%.

This game has managed to have millions of downloads since it was presented to users. It is an app that will have intellectual challenges that will test each player. The developers of the app bet on the number 94 again, after their titles 94 seconds and 94 degrees. Start playing right now

The 94% interface is simple and clean; the mechanics that we will achieve do not need so many instructions. Take advantage of having a good time with this fun title to test our time and ability to do things under pressure. Invite your group of friends to play and be the winner. Download 94% right now.


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About 94%
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