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There are many apps to check the weather predictions that sometimes it may seem difficult to choose which one we should use. AccuWeather is one of the most recommended apps of the weather. It is one of the most complete weather forecast applications you can find for your Smartphone. Not only does it offer all the data you may need; but it does so from a clean and very comfortable interface. If you download AccuWeather it will guarantee you that you will be informed of what to expect from that day;  and whether you are dressed appropriately or make sure you carry an umbrella with you.

AccuWeather is a very simple application to use with a lot of information concerning the weather; and also fabulous options that you will love. If you are looking for a complete app that helps you stay informed about the weather at all times, keep reading. In this post we will show you how it works and how you can download AccuWeather.

How does AccuWeather Works

AccuWeather is an application with which you can check the weather conditions in your area. So you can see in seconds all the information concerning the weather, such as temperature, humidity, visibility, wind, sunset time , sunrise and much more. To get all this information all you have to do is enter your location manually on the device, or simply let it recognize your location using GPS. All this information is offered for several cities worldwide. One of the best reasons to download AccuWeather is because it is the most complete app to follow the weather in different countries.

One of the interesting things about Accuweather is that as you slide your finger across the screen; you will see the exact temperature and the wind it will make during the different hours of the day. In this way you can avoid something as common as leaving home in short sleeves to discover that it is cold and raining later. Of course you can also see the forecast for the following days from another tab; and even consult Google Maps. You will also have the possibility to watch daily videos with the weather forecast.

Another option that you have in the lower menu bar is the advanced weather forecast. There you can check the temperature of the next 15 calendar days in the cities you have chosen. You will also have the option of Map, and you will be able to see a cloud animation of the current time. You also have the possibility to share weather predictions on your social networks; like Twitter, Facebook or send it by email.

How to download AccuWeather

Download AccuWeather will be very useful for your day to day as it is a very complete tool for meteorological prediction. It is one of the most popular of its kind with more than 50 million downloads. You can find it free for your Android and iOS device. The shortcuts of Google Play and App Store can be found at the end of this post to make it easier for you to download AccuWeather.


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