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If you’ve always wanted to know how much you use your Smartphone and leave a little addiction to using it all the time, Action Dash is the perfect app for you. This app differs from its similar ones, since it will allow you to observe in detail all the use you give to your Smartphone. Start right now to use this amazing app and discover everything that Action Dash has for you. Download Action Dash on your Smartphone or Tablet.

Now we will tell you everything you need to know about Action Dash and how this amazing app will help you improve your life. It is an easy to use app that will allow you to gradually leave your addiction to mobile devices. Download Action Dash and start using this app right now.

Know in detail how much you use your Smartphone with Action Dash

If you are one of those who spend all day with the Smartphone in your hand for unnecessary reasons, and you want to leave this bad habit aside, Action Dash is perfect for you. This app will help you if you want to stop using your device or if you just want to know what kind of use you give your Smartphone.

When you download Action Dash you will have a personalized assistant that will make reports of how you use your mobile device daily. The app will run all day, but do not worry because this has no impact on the battery.

Besides this, when you start using Action Dash you will not have to wait for anything for your first report, at the first moment of use you will have a report of the whole week before downloading. Action Dash works easily and its interface is very interactive, do not stop testing this app if what you need is to know what kind of use you give to your mobile devices.

Action Dash works in this way; every day you will receive reports on the use of your device. In these reports you will find the daily screen time, and all the details of the time you used each app. The app will automatically configure the start of your day depending on when you start using your smarphone.

Download Action Dash right now and start using this app. Whether you want to start using your device less or if you just want to know how much you use each app, this app will be perfect for you.

How to download Action Dash?

If you want to download Action Dash, you just have to follow these instructions. Action Dash works on all Android and iOS devices completely for free. You just have to go to your corresponding App Store to download this app. At the end of this post you will find a link to download this app directly from any device.

Action Dash works perfectly on Tablets and Smartphones. Get now all the reports of how you use your Smartphone or Tablet in the easiest and safest way. All your data will be protected by the extensive Action Dash privacy law, so you should not worry about anything. Start using Action Dash right now.

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