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There are thousands of tasks that we can do from our smart devices; we have transport services, shopping, app that help us in the organization of our day and even apps that take care of our health, as Ada does. Ada Your Health Guide is an app developed by scientists, doctors and engineers with the aim of providing medical support available to everyone. Download Ada Your Health Guide to start exploring this interesting app.

This app is internationally recognized and with a highly trained team. Ada is an incredible tool that serves as a health guide that interacts with the user and helps them stay healthy.

Everything that Ada Your Health Guide has for you

Ada is an app that works with Artificial Intelligence; its interface is very simple and is based on the conversation with patients to provide personalized medical information based on the symptoms described. It also aims to create a medical history of the patient that can be very useful for doctors. Download Ada Your Health Guide and start taking care of you.

Ada provides you with an intelligent assessment and helps you to detect your condition and control your symptoms. Monitor Health Symptoms, helps you monitor your health conditions; A great advantage of this app is that it has a multi-profile management platform where you can also monitor the health of others.

As we mentioned, create a health record with your important data so you can share it with your doctor; finally, with support for decision making and navigation towards proper care, Ada leads you to the best decisions regarding your diagnosis. Download Ada and enjoy an app that helps you when you’re not near a doctor.

The app is very easy to use: it asks a series of very simple questions that you must answer with one of the three options that the app shows you: Yes, no or I do not know. Then, with the database, Ada is able to suggest a diagnosis; asks you about the intensity of the pain or what part of the body you are in

When it comes to orientation, the app suggests what decision you should make, depending on the symptoms; recommends from hours of rest, to go to the emergency or request an appointment with a specialist.

Download Ada Your Health Guide and discover one of the best apps in the health and care area. Ada is an amazing app that can help you take care of and learn more about health.

How to download Ada Your Health Guide?

Download Ada Your Health Guide on any of your devices; It is available in the App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android. It is a completely free app. Another great advantage of this app is that Ada guarantees the security of your data.

Download Ada and use this amazing app that gives you a solution when you’re not feeling well. Below we leave the link for you to download Ada Your Health Guide on your devices.

Download Ada Your Health Guide

Ada Your Health Guide

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