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Adobe Capture CC is an Adobe tool that is no longer available only for computers; you can use it from your tablet or Smartphone for free. Download Adobe Capture CC now.

This app allows us to capture elements to make life easier when making a design; whether for a magazine, an illustration, a work, website, etc.

When downloading Adobe Capture CC you have a wide variety of functions, but one of them allows us to make vectors of elements that we can capture with the camera's viewfinder.

From textures, color palettes, creation of brushes, capture of 3D objects and a gallery; You will have all this in Adobe Capture CC. We recommend this app if you are in the world of design.

Adobe Capture CC is an ideal app for designers

To begin, we remind you how amazing it is to work in a program or several that are connected through a cloud. This way you can connect all your works and elements that you use regularly, quickly and safely.

This cloud is called Adobe Creative Cloud, and you can link it to Adobe Capture CC. With this you can share all your creations in this app with other programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

When you download Adobe Capture CC you will find four main functions. The first one is called Color; This allows you to take pictures of what you want to be around you. Then analyze the colors of your photograph and suggest a color palette taken from your capture.

You can also change this suggestion and create your own color palette from the same photo. The wonderful thing about this is that you can share your final color palette with the Adobe cloud library.

The second function is responsible for the shapes and vectors that you can capture of practically everything with just taking a picture. When doing a capture of something, you will have the option to regulate colors, contrast, lines, etc; It is ideal to have a vector image that you can also use in another program.

The importance of these features highlights the speed with which you can achieve this from your phone. An interesting function is the one that allows you to create brushes starting from anything; from a fruit to the surface of a table. It allows you to create textures for your brushes and transform what you see in the real world to part of a design.

The favorite function for post producers is the synchronization that you can do between the color palettes.

How to download Adobe Capture CC?

Most Adobe packages are available for free and Adobe Capture CC is not far behind. You can enter the App Store or Google Play and download this app for free for any of your mobile devices.

We recommend you download Adobe Capture CC and become an artist and have your projects linked from one place. Below we leave the link to download Adobe Capture CC.

Download Adobe Capture CC and let yourself be surprised with everything you can use to exploit your creativity; Use this app to convert processes that were long into something fast.


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Adobe Capture CC

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