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Videogames of the puzzle genre have always been characterized by demanding mental agility to the player. That is why they have turned out to be one of the most played genres, more popular and more complicated to play. Download Adventure Llama to enjoy a very fun game.

Now you do not need a console to enjoy this type of games. The developers know that the video game market has been very successful in different platforms and thanks to this we can play at any time from the place we want without any problem.

Adventure Llama is a game that will give you hours of fun

Adventure Llama is a puzzle game that has come to challenge our strategies. It's a game that seems simple at first glance; it is full of fun but as you go you show all the difficulty of the matter. At the beginning of the first level we will meet our main character named Pablo.

Pablo is a flame that tries to go through a series of ruins that were built by Inca flames in the past. He wants to discover the truth about these flames and while doing so he will collect a variety of valuable objects. Your goal will be to guide Paul and help him collect as many objects as possible in order to unlock higher levels.

As you get past the level you unlock new costumes that will be very useful to continue your exploration. We must remember that each level is increasing its level of difficulty; and we will have to recognize the field of play to advance strategically without Pablo dying.

In each level we will get a series of objects that we must collect; for this we have to collect the main element that will activate the others. To achieve all this we will have to help jump to our flame by making touch anywhere on the screen. As we mentioned earlier, during this tour there will be obstacles.

Water is one of those elements that we must avoid, because if we let Pablo fall into a well he will die. In each level the ruins will be bigger and bigger and there are more obstacles to avoid. This is an incredible advantage to help us pass these types of levels are the special suits.

How to download Adventure Llama?

Download this app on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS. It is a completely free video game. Enjoy a very challenging and fun game that will make you can’t stop playing. Below we leave the link to download Adventure Llama.

Inside the game we will collect a coin called llama currency. With these coins we can open the chests that we collect and go activating other types of objects that can help us improve our strategy depending on the level.

Adventure Llama will surprise you even more because it has another series of game modes in which you will have different objectives but all with the same objective in which Pablo is exploring the ruins.


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About Adventure Llama
  • Updated 27 April, 2022
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Adventure Llama

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