Agent A

If you like escape games feeling like a spy in action, you will like this game a lot. Agent A is a game of investigation and escape with a retro style of the 60s where you can feel like an investigator. Agent A is one of the best “Room Escape” style games you can find for your mobile devices.You will have to infiltrate a den of enemy spies to discover their secret plans, and for that you will have to solve riddles, open secret doors, discovering secrets and much more. Download Agent A and become a spy until you solve the hidden mysteries.

Discover the secrets of your enemies and frustrate their plans solving the riddles and hidden mechanisms around the different scenarios of the game. In this post we will show you how to play and how you can download Agent A.

How to play Agent A

In Agent A you will become a spy whose special mission is to defeat Ruby La Rouge, a famous and dangerous enemy spy who has gone after your secret agents. You must locate your secret hideout and infiltrate to discover its plans and capture it.

The game will take you with a first person perspective through different rooms. There you can find different objects that will help you and that you can interact with; like moving around the place and collecting spy objects that help you solve the riddles. The ultimate goal is to find the enemy spy and find out what plans he has so you can ruin them.

In this world set in the sixties you can find retro-futurist inventions and smart devices. You must also overcome a maze of puzzles that will take you through hours of fun research and challenges of pure logic. You must make observation of all the rare objects or events like any good secret agent, because all those clues will help you to solve more complicated puzzles later on. Each object can be used creatively and ingeniously to help you overcome each novel. With each puzzle that you solve you will get closer and closer to the objective.

Download Agent A will take you to a retro world and you will feel like a spy of the sixties solving the greatest mysteries. You will have 16 rooms to explore, 40 puzzles based on inventory and 30 puzzle screens. The game is constantly updated to add more levels. This is a game that you won’t stop playing. This game has a great story, excellent graphics, and very good puzzles; but not becoming too hard and of course will catch you until you get hooked.

How to download Agent A

Download Agent A is very simple. And it will let you immerse yourself in great mysteries that you can solve only with your logic and perception. This game can be found in App Store or Google Play according to your iOS or Android mobile device. This app is not free, it has a cost of USD 0.74; but it is certainly a very low price for all hours of fun. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts so you can go right now to download Agent A.

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