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It has happened to us all more than once that we need more functions to improve and maintain our mobile device faster and more stable. In order not to collapse the internal memory or SD there are currently different apps to help us with that task. One of these apps is All Tools. Download All Tools and discover one of the best apps you can have on your device.

This time we recommend All Tools an app that will work as a kind of toolbox. This has a variety of options with different utilities so you can renew your device regularly and keep it as good as new.

With this app you can do a total cleaning that will impress you. Download All Tools right now.

All Tools is a toolbox that will allow you to do many things on your Smartphone

The All Tools app brings us 29 utilities to make our mobile much faster. Among the tools that make this app so useful we have a cache cleaner; this will make all that unnecessary stored information disappear. This will leave us much more memory to use with files, photographs, games or different apps that we need primarily.

When installing an app, it creates a folder immediately in our memory where it stores all the files we have there. If at some point we decide to delete this app, that folder keeps occupying space and saving cache. All Tools brings us a kind of cleaning on these apk.

We can also use tools to keep the battery level of our mobile phone under control. So we will know what percentage of it we are using and we can save by activating and deactivating to save. Download All Tools and enjoy all the tools at your fingertips quickly and easily in one place.

Among the functions that we have at hand there is a walkie talkie, file converter, mirror, torch, metal detector, a recorder, temperature, clipboard, compass, pressure, length, altitude, humidity, camera in white and many more with a first-rate functionality to help you at any time in the event of different eventualities.

How to download All Tools?

Downloading All Tools is very easy. You can get this app on Google Play only and for free. You can have access to all the tools, it is an app as a very simple interface to facilitate its use at a glance. Below we leave the link to download All Tools.

By downloading All Tools you can share your music with other devices sharing Wi-Fi. It is also possible to transfer your files to other mobile phones without having to connect to the internet at any time.

This app is very complete with respect to the tools that we can use, since most of them are not functions that come regularly in our factory devices.

The positive thing about having an app like this that offers us so many things is that we do not need to search and download each function separately. Options such as a step counter, a seismometer or night vision need, despite being so different can be found in this incredible tool. That is why we recommend you download it.

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All Tools

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