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One of the most popular games right now, the sensation of young people. This is the game everybody is talking about, and if you know something about the internet, is that when things get viral, something is good. The impostor game, where you need to find out who is the impostor before you get killed. The game when your friends can be the enemies. This is Among Us, the game that has everyone attached to their phones. Download Among Us right now to join the party!

This game is the most popular game right now in every platform. And you may ask why? Well, it is a sensation where you can be or not be an impostor. The trick is that it is one dangerous murder and killer impostor among the rest! In this post we will let you know more about this game. At the end of it we will explain to you how to download it on your smartphone.

How to play Among Us?

In this game you need to get together a team of friends. All of you will login and create a player. You will join the match and you will be assigned a task. His is the thing. You can get a task, or you can discover that you are an impostor. If you get the task, your only job is to do what they tell you and pay attention to the rest of your friends to see if you catch the impostor.

But, if you are the impostor, your job is to fool your friends making them believe that you are doing tasks like them. If you are sneaky, you can take them down one by one, and they won’t know who the impostor is. There are different ways to get rid of the impostor, and is by finding you doing something or by voting you out. So, your job is to always lie and pretend you are not.

If the impostor gets caught successfully, the team wins and probably some of you will be safe. But, if not, the impostor will win if they don’t get kicked out and they can kill everybody in the team slowly and steady. The crazy adventure begins and you need to be there to have all the fun in the world with your friends!

How to download Among Us?

To start having fun with friends, you just need to download Among Us right now on any of your mobile devices. This magnificent game is available for Android and iOS. You can download it through Google Play and the App Store. At the end of this post we will leave you the download links for this great game so that you can install it on your smartphone or tablet.

Among US is a free app that you can using and playing right now without paying anything. Invite your friends, create a group and start having a lot of fun with the game that is causing a revolution!


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About Among Us
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Among Us

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