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Google is a company that certainly thinks about everything, and definitely one of the things that Google has planned very smartly is its car mode. We all know that using the Smartphone while driving can be very dangerous, but Google Auto makes things much easier for you to check the maps or answer a phone call on the loudspeaker while you are driving. Download Android Auto to start using this amazing tool.

Android Auto is a tool that you can have in your Android Smartphone so that it is put in a special way to be used while driving. The screen will change its shape a bit and you will have much easier accessibility to do certain things while driving.

Download Android Auto if you need to use your Smartphone on your phone to avoid accidents and to make it easier to do some tasks. Now we tell you everything you should know about this amazing app.

Android Auto is a perfect app for drivers

Android Auto uses the Google assistant to help you use your Smartphone while driving. Among the functions that you will find inside this app you will be able to see the maps and the navigation in real time of Google Maps, functions to receive and make calls by voice, make the assistant of Google read aloud and so that you can dictate messages. All this accompanied by larger buttons and better visibility of the screen.

To start using this app you just have to say "Ok Google" for the Google assistant to start doing their work. After this you can go using all the functions of Android Auto. You can even use your favorite apps in case you prefer those instead of the default Google apps.

For example, if you prefer to use Waze instead of Google Maps, you just need to tell the Google assistant. In addition to these functions you can create notes or reminders, review your tasks of the day and your calendar, listen to music and control your favorite radio stations. All this through the Google assistant without causing distractions at the wheel.

It is important to keep in mind that using your mobile device while driving, even with this app, can be dangerous. So avoid the high speeds and drive with caution.

How to download Android Auto?

If you want to have this app you can download it completely free for your Android. You can find this app on Google Play in case it is not installed by default on your device. To make things easier we have left a link at the end of this post so you can download this app completely free on any of your devices.

Start right now to use this fantastic app and enjoy all the things that Android Auto has for you. Do not miss the opportunity to have this fantastic tool on your Smartphone.


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About Android Auto
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Android Auto



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Android Auto

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