Animation Throwdown TQFC

Cartoons, characters from our favorite series and even movies have been working lately with different video games and apps. In this way we can enjoy them at all times and not only when we have time to watch something on the television. Download Animation Throwdown TQFC and enjoy an amazing card game.

The Animation Throwdown TQFC app is a game that brings together all the characters from five animated series that have accompanied us for many years. These are: Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, Bob’s Burgers and King of the Hill. This card game is based on a combat system where our objective will be to subtract all possible points of life from our enemy.

Animation Throwdown TQFC is a game that you must start playing

This app focuses on card games in which we will have an adventure mode, here we have 25 chapters that also recreate iconic moments of these different series. We can also play in arena mode with players from anywhere in the world. Download Animation Throwdown TQFC and start this adventure with your favorite characters.

To start attacking our opponent we will have a deck of cards available for our use. We can create combinations, for this we have to have two cards that can merge and in turn form a new one with a much more powerful attack. This will help us to be victorious during the game.

At the start of the game we will have at least 25 cards, this amount may increase as we play and evolve within the game. When we start, they will give us 5 cards at random, then we will have to place the cards on our board based on a turn system.

To win each game we will have to eliminate the rivals and thus be able to directly attack the character we are facing. Remember that all this accompanied by the characters of each of these series that make up the game. This makes the game much more fun and entertaining.

The language within the video game is practically the same as that of the series, so adults should stay tuned if the youngest of the house are playing alone. Despite being part of the card genre, this app has been very fun during these moments in which we want to hang out in a simple and fun way.

How to download Animation Throwdown TQFC

You can download Animation Throwdown TQFC from the App Store and Google Play for free. It is an extremely simple game, fun and full of humor. We can have fun with characters from five different series in one place. Below we leave the link to download Animation Throwdown TQFC.

Download Animation Throwdown TQFC and spend an incredible time with the humor of each of these series that are characterized by having unique characters and full of sense of humor. Invite your friends to play this card game or remember that you can play with users from all over the world.

Despite being a free app at the time of download, has a series of objects or options to move faster that will be available if we make an extra payment. Of course it is not necessary to make any purchase to follow the order of the game naturally. Download Animation Throwdown TQFC right now.

Video of Animation Throwdown TQFC
Download Animation Throwdown TQFC
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