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App Lock is a very useful tool that you can have on your Android devices to have much more security. If you want to block apps and content so that other people can’t access them from your device, this app will be perfect for you. With App Lock you can put a password to the apps so that nobody can enter without your permission, even if your Smartphone is unlocked. Download App Lock on your Android Smartphone or Tablet to start using this app right now.

If you want to have extra security on your Android mobile device do not hesitate to install this app. Many times blocking your device is not enough and we need more security; for this and much more App Lock will serve you. If you want to have this amazing app on your device, read on. Now we explain everything you should know about App Lock.

How to download App Lock?

App Lock is an exclusive app for Android. You can use the services of this incredible app on your Smartphone or Android Tablet completely free. If you use Android 6.0 you can enjoy all the improvements in security that the app has implemented. If you want to download App Lock you just have to follow these steps.

You will find the app for free on Google Play. To make things easier we have left the link to download the app at the end of this post. This link will take you directly to download the app in your Google Play account. To use App Lock you do not need internet connection, this app will keep your device protected all the time. Start now to use App Lock.

Give the best security to your Smartphone with App Lock

App Lock will offer you a large number of tools so that your Smartphone is fully protected. With this app you can place a password to the apps you want; this way other people will not be able to enter these apps so your device is unlocked. Do not want anyone to see your gallery or enter your WhatsApp? App Lock will make this possible.

To block an app with App Lock you just have to select the app you want to block by going to App Lock; then you must enter the password you want. You can use a blocking pattern, a password or your fingerprint. To use the fingerprint option you must have a Smartphone that has a fingerprint reader. You can block all the apps you want using App Lock

In addition to this you can hide photos, videos and files from your Smartphone. Know that all the documents and multimedia files that you want to hide will disappear from the gallery and will be stored inside the App Lock vault. Do not worry about lending your phone to someone to play or send a message; App Lock will have everything completely safe.

If you download App Lock you can also make this app control the general block of your device. You can even set the app to take a picture if someone tries to unlock your phone without permission. Download App Lock right now!


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About App Lock
  • Updated 27 April, 2022
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App Lock

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