Never heard of Aptoide? We’ve got all the info you need, plus an easy way to download Aptoide to your Android device right now. Aptoide is a digital marketplace for Android devices. Unlike the official Play Store, Aptoide is a distributed marketplace.

In Aptoide, the store is not centralized, and each one of the users manages his/her own unique store. There is also another app from Aptoide called Aptoide Uploader; it enables you to upload the apps from your mobile to an existing store.

When you install Aptoide on your Android device, you will have a default store that includes some standard apps. When you make a search for one of the premium apps in Aptoide, it will run the search first within its default store, then you’ll have an option to search in other stores or using your phone’s web browser. After downloading an app from another store, if you were satisfied, you can add that store to your Aptoide; next time, the apps in that store will be added to your Aptoide default store.

Why download Aptoide?

Aptoide has sooo many features. Aptoide is ad free, and has an easy to use interface. The favorites, random tip, info and rate app buttons and share function make it easy to navigate. Plus there are over 500 “pro tips”, tricks and life hacks. It also looks pretty slick, if I do say so myself. You have also other nice features to make your experience even better, like:

Rollback: you can use Rollback to go back to the older version of an app if you like it more than the new update.
Automatic updates: Aptoide recognizes the updates by packages, MD5, signature and anti-malware system. So you can trust it. Allowing auto updates makes it possible to feel safe updating your apps with no risks.
Easily uninstall apps
Exclude and ignore the updates of certain apps
Checks for new updates and notifies you when there are any updates available

There is another powerful feature you can enjoy in Aptoide called “Webinstall”. It allows you to install the apps you want to download from the website without using a USB cable by synchronizing Aptoide on your device and your PC. It’s possible to link and sync more than one device, and you get to choose where to install the apps you download.

Aptoide lets you easily find your device’s hardware settings to check the SDK version, screen size, ESGL version, screen code and CPU. This may help you to make sure that the apps or games are compatible with your device. You can also check the advanced information about the app you’re about to download, whether on the Aptoide store or website.

How to download Aptoide

Aptoide is available here on our site, totally free to download. You can use the “Download” button at the top of the post and download Aptoide to any of your Android devices.

Being that this market is a direct competitor with Play Store, it’s not available there. Because you’ll be downloading from a third party (i.e. our site), make sure you turn on “unknown sources” on your device.

If you’re downloading it directly to the Android device, just tap the button and wait for the download to finish; then, you will find the Aptoide icon on your device ready to use. You’ll need to have an Aptoid account, so if you don’t have one, go create one right now!

If you’re downloading Aptoide using your PC, then you will have to use the same download button to download Aptoide to the computer. Then, transfer the file to your device using a USB cable, or use Bluetooth connection and transfer it wirelessly.

Aptoide is a really fun customized app market, and it has really saved me time. I have been using it for a couple months now, and I love it! I think you will too.

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