Working with large teams or in transnational companies can be overwhelming for the heads of each area. Keeping an entire team organized and in the same line is a hard task. This is why you must download Asana; this app will help you to synchronize your staff.

Apps like Asana that aim to organize and track the work; and the results they have are simply incredible.

Technology and its almost daily evolution have created this type of tools for personal and business use. Developing a project at the group level no longer has to be a headache.

Asana helps you work in group more easily

Asana is an app that has arrived to help you manage tasks within your staff. Getting the results we want from certain tasks is not an easy goal to achieve. Within a company there are so many areas and so many factors that we need to work together that an app that helps us achieve it is incredible.

This software contains different columns that have different sections. The most important is to create projects or tasks. Here you can add your tasks or short-term objectives to which you can put a date that should be your delivery limit, this works as a reminder.

Within each task you will have a series of characteristics such as putting a name, placing it public or private; depending on whether you work as a team or not, assign the people who should work in it. Also place the delivery time, you can add it to a project and you will have visibility of the modification history of your file and who did everything.

If you have a shared account you can make a comment and mention the people who should work on the task and explain what you want; either the work process or what it consists of. This type of tool works for those in charge of monitoring the team and they do not find themselves inside an office and do remote work.

How to download Asana?

You can download this app from the App Store and Google Play. It is a free app.  Depending on your needs you can choose different plans of use.

You can use the free plan available for groups of 15 people. And you have the option to opt for the Premium, Business and Enterprise version, these are paid modes. Below we leave the link to download Asana.

Asana is a completely intuitive app. Its interface is completely minimalist and easy to use. The entire menu will be shown in a column that is located on the left side of your screen and there you will have all the sections with different functions to work with.

One of the options is calendar. This tool is extremely useful because when you place the tasks by date or assign them, it will appear in the calendar to keep you informed.

Through this app you can start conversations or make announcements to your team. Also when reviewing the status of the projects they have the option of asking questions and even commenting on tasks. The positive thing about this is that the activity you do will be stored inside the app and there will be a backup of everything that was requested or mentioned.

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