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Authy is an app available for iOS and Android that provides a special security factor for your accounts. With Authy you will be able to create two-step verification tokens to protect the accounts you have on your Smartphone or Tablet from hackers. Here's what you need to know about this app, how to use it and how to download Authy.

To understand better what Authy is, we must know what a double verification factor is and how it is used. Verification factors are used to provide security to an online account. They work specifically to verify that the person who is using the account is actually the owner and not a boot or a hacker. This is done using external factors such as receiving a text message with a code, verifying via email, scanning a QR code, etc. Using your phone number for verification is the best way to keep your accounts safe.

It provides special protection for accounts. In case the account registers an unusual movement, it can verify again that it is not a hacker or a boot through the processes that we mentioned before. In case the user does not want to access the account, it can be blocked to ensure security.

This is what Authy does, providing an extra two-stepfactor to keep your accounts even more secure. Download Authy on your Smartphone or Tablet so you have total security.

How to download Authy on your Smartphone or Tablet?

This awesome app is available for Android and iOs. We have left the shortcuts to the download at the end of this post. Just follow the shortcut from your Smartphone or Tablet to download Authy.

Start now to have special security on your mobile devices. Protect all your accounts with this great app.

How does Authy work?

Authy works to provide extra security to almost every type of online account you can have on your Smartphone. These include Google, Dropbox, Amazon, Paypal, Facebook, and many more.

For each app we generate what we call 'tokens' or check factors at all times. If you have trouble receiving text messages with verification codes, for example, you can opt for another type of verification. The best thing is that all your information will be saved in the cloud, so you can’t lose it.

Download Authy is ideal for keeping your accounts safe in case your phone is lost. In that case you can access from the web to close all accounts that you had active on your phone using Authy. All data will be saved automatically in the cloud so you do not lose any of your information.

Two-step verification tokens will remain active even if you do not have an internet connection. They will also keep active if the device is in airplane mode.

Authy is ideal for keeping your bitcoin purses protected. You can add much more protection to your bitcoins purses to protect your money from hackers. Hackers have their eye on unprotected bitcoin purses. Use Authy to keep your money completely safe.


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About Authy
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