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Something really important to make the life of our Smartphones more durable is to keep the phone clean and without excesses of junk files. It is specifically in this area that Avast Cleanup will help us. This app is ideal for clearing the cache of the phone and free space. This will make the device work faster and last longer. Let's now see how to download Avast Cleanup and how to use it.

Avast Cleanpu is an app available for Android and iOs that will help keep your Smartphone completely clean from junk files. This app is really useful to extend the life of your devices. It is a really easy to use app and we recommend you have it on your smartphones or tablets.

How to use Avast Cleanup?

Avast is a recognized antivirus brand for PCs and mobile devices. It is one of the most used antivirus brands around the world for its wide efficiency. And although you can have the Avast Antivirus app on your Smartphone, the company wanted to go further by presenting an app that keeps the phone clean of cache and junk files.

By performing the basic tasks for which we use the mobile as surfing the internet and visiting social networks we are filling the internal memory of trash files. When these files accumulate, the mobile starts to work slowly and we lose storage space that we can use in something else. Avast Cleanup will help us clean all this crap out of the device.

When you go into the app you can scan the mobile to see the percentage of junk files you have content. When you see the percentage you can proceed to delete all these junk files to free up space on your phone or Tablet.

But with the new version of Avast Cleanup for Android and iOS you will have other functions fully functional to help you keep the mobile clean. If you download Avast Cleanup you can clean your multimedia gallery, eliminating repeated photos and / or videos. Also you will find the tool to cool the mobile in case it is a little warm.

At the same time Avast Cleanup will keep you alert in case of viruses when you enter a suspicious website or download a file that may be infected. The app will check every file and app before it reaches the memory of your device. This way you can be confident that your devices will be safe.

How to download Avast Cleanup for Android and iOs?

Download Avast Cleanup is completely free. It is available for download on your mobile or Tablet iOS and Android from the Play Store and Apple Store. If you want to have this useful app on your mobile, you can follow the shortcuts for each app store that we have left at the end of this post.

The app is not heavy and will be a lot of help for your device. Within the app you'll get some recommendations from other Avast apps to keep your mobile optimum as long as possible. Start today to protect your phone with Avast Cleanup and the rest of Avast products.


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