If you are fan of mobile video games, you should try BadLand. This game developed by Frogmind has won more than 9 best game prizes and has been the most downloaded game in 32 countries. Incredible, doesn’t it? This app is available for Android and iOS. If you want to know what this amazing game is about, keep Reading. Now we show you how to download BadLand and everything that makes this game the best on the app stores.

BadLand is the excellent combination between an adventure game and beautiful scenery and relaxing sounds. The game itself tells an amazing story that the player must discover while advancing in the levels. What has happened in the land of BadLand? Discover it yourself.

All you need to know about BadLand

Badland is an adventure game that tells an amazing story. The game takes place in a magical land full of unknown forests full of color and monstrous creatures. But even if everything seems calm and silent, something very strange has happened on this earth. For this same reason there are a lot of dangerous traps, mechanical saws, sharp objects and much more in your way. You must dodge all these traps in order to complete the levels.

Your character in the game is a small flying monster that you control by touching the screen. On the way you will also find some chemical bubbles that will change the shape of your character. Some bubbles will make you smaller, others will make you bigger and heavier. Other bubbles will multiply your character and you will have to play with lots of little monsters. Some other bubbles will make you go much faster and others will make you go slower. Everything depends on the level. You must download Badland to discover everything.

This game has more than 100 levels to play with different difficulties. The levels of the game are divided into the days you have been inside BadLand. With each day you complete the difficulty will increase.

You can play Badland in single mode or multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode you can compete against up to 4 friends in more than 40 different levels to play. In these levels will be demonstrated the skill and speed that each player have to complete the level. The first to reach the finish line, wins.

How to download BadLand on iOS

Badland is available for download on iPhone and iPad. The BadLand version for iOS is not free, but its price is really low. You only have to pay 0.99 $ to have this amazing game on your devices. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcut for the download.

Download Badland on Android

Unlike the previous one, you can download BadLand on Android completely free from Google Play. Below we will also leave you the shortcut. However, the free version has a lot of publicity. For a very low price you can have the pro version without advertising on your Android.

Start today to play this awesome game and discover everything that BadLand has for you.

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