Making new friends will no longer be just an outing to a party or going to class. Currently you can make friends online without leaving your home. The apps to have an appointment or to talk with someone are increasingly and more secure so that you feel comfortable when establishing a conversation. Download Badoo to meet people from your Smartphone.

In today’s post we recommend downloading Badoo so you can connect with people from all over the world. This app is very popular internationally and is very easy to use.

Do not miss this opportunity to meet new friends or even the love of your life. Have fun and socialize at the same time from the comfort of your home.

Meet many interesting people using Badoo

When you open your account in Badoo, the app will tell you to identify yourself either with your Facebook account or email. You will also have the option to create an account from scratch, in this option you must answer a series of questions; As if you are a woman or a man, if you want to have new friends, get an appointment and just talk to someone.

Then he will ask you if you want to meet women, men or both; and finally you must write your name and date of birth. After giving this information to the app you will begin to see people who are within the ranges with interests or similarities to you. As for example, the location, this option is editable, the age and the gender you want to know.

Being able to mobilize through the app will be very easy. You just have to visit the profile of the person who calls your attention and get in touch if you wish. To contact someone you will find the interface similar to Tinder.

You can slide the screen to the left if you want to reject or to the right if your goal is to know this person.

If you mark that you like the person you will get in touch with the person. This will send you a notification that says you liked your profile and if you want to communicate with you.

By downloading Badoo you can explore profiles of other users that the app recommends according to your preferences marked at the beginning.

In your profile besides having your name, age and photo, you can edit if you want to share some more photos so that they know you a little more. In this app the more you write who you are better; since this will attract the attention of other users visually and they will want to contact you immediately.

How to download Badoo?

You can download Badoo in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android. Join the 330 million users of this popular app and do not waste time in getting your other half or that friend you have needed to vent for so long. Below we leave the link to download Badoo.

The app has something called credits. These will allow you to position yourself in a much more acceptable ranking among the other users so that you have more visibility.

You can use Paypal to get them quickly or you can see videos with ads that will give you a few credits but you can go gathering little by little. Download Badoo right now to have dates and meet friends.

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