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About the app

Beelinguapp is a very fun and dynamic app if you want to learn or practice a new language. It is a free app that gives you a method to learn through audiobooks; In addition to learning the language you want, you will reinforce the habit of reading; your hearing will adapt and you will visualize the writing clearly. Download Beelinguapp to learn a new language.

The wonderful thing about this app is that it has a great variety of stories of different genres divided by levels and 13 languages ​​for you to choose. Download Beelinguapp and do not stay with the desire to learn and read something new in a not so conventional way.

Learn languages ​​in a different way with Beelinguapp

When you download Beelinguapp you will find a very simple to use app. By registering as a user, you have the option to choose which language is your reference and which language you wish to improve or learn.

Why do you choose your reference language? This is where the incredible thing about this app is; because when choosing the story you want to read, the screen will be divided in two. It will show you the text in your native language and in the language you have decided to learn. Amazing, right?

When choosing a story, it is downloaded within the same app and then when the screen is divided to show you the text in the two languages ​​previously selected.

You can see how they are selecting sentences within both texts as if it was a karaoke; so you can listen to the pronunciation and read exactly what is being said at the moment.

The app has 4 sections where you will find different information. In the library section is where the stories are organized by different genres, levels and the language you want to choose at the moment.

Most of the stories in Beelinguapp are free but others are paid content. There is also the news section, where you can read current news in two languages ​​and study the grammatical structure of the language you are studying. Something important to highlight is that in this section the audio option is not active; only the comparison of texts.

When you download Beelinguapp you can become a premium user if you want. In the section you have the option to make your first annual payment to access all the texts of the app.

How to download Beelinguapp

You can download Beelinguapp on any of your iOS and Android devices through the App Store and Google Play stores. You can retake the habit of reading and simultaneously learns other languages ​​in the simplest way. We leave the link below so you can download this app.

Another positive thing about Beelinguapp is that you can share the app through a link that they give you; and if the person to whom you shared the link is registered and uses the application, you can become a free Premium user for a month.


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About Beelinguapp
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