Bejeweled Blitz

Chaining diamonds has been the main objective of the classic Bejeweled. For fans of this game this version emphasizes the speed we must use when joining these diamonds of the same color and thus get that incredible score in the shortest time we can. Download Bejeweled Blitz and the fun begins.

Between the classic version and this new version we will find the difference in time; and is that each player will only have sixty seconds to get the points he needs.

 The objective of the game is maintained and that is why we must work to try that our diamonds of the same color come together so that we can make them disappear. Download Bejeweled Blitz and start to join the colors.

Bejeweled Blitz is a very fun game that you have to play

For a minute without stopping we will have to explode as many jewels as we can. There are three types of jewelry; and they are those that are in flames, astral and hypercubes. You will also get some potential improvements during the game so that competing with your friends is an experience.

By downloading Bejeweled Blitz you will not only be able to compete or challenge your friends; you can also play with users from all over the world. And thus you will be able to position yourself within the classification table in Blitz Champions. It is an app full of fun and challenges because you can beat your own time and surprise them all.

The enhancers in addition to helping us in the game make our points grow in incredible amounts quickly. And this is why we must take full advantage of them and not let them pass in the game. The graphics are wonderful and full of bright colors with animations that are nice for anyone.

One option that we can’t ignore is the mixer to move the board; or that detonator to exploit the most special jewels. If we can do this we can increase our power in each game. If you get improvements you should not worry, these are not lost with the passage of time.

There are jewels that we must look for at all costs, they are the Sunstone and the Plume Blast. These will make us get big scores with a lot of emotion in the game. By having these special diamonds you can combine them to have even more insurmountable scores. Download Bejeweled Blitz and have fun looking for the treasure at all times.

How to download Bejeweled Blitz

Download Bejeweled Blitz on the App Store and on Google Play for IOS and Android for free. If you want to get to the top of the Blitz Champions, start playing with your friends regularly and improve all your moves to be the best. Below we leave the link to download Bejeweled Blitz.

By starting to play regularly in this app you will be able to play within events in real time with other players from around the world. They will have to complete special missions on a weekly basis to win wonderful prizes. Do not miss this opportunity to have fun with your closest at all times.

In this simple game get rid of the jewels as fast as you can but always trying to win the highest score intelligently.

Make incredible and explosive combinations in 60 seconds. Run against time and win against your opponents. Win the best prizes because of your strategic moves. Download Bejeweled Blitz right now and the fun begins.

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Download Bejeweled Blitz
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