Have you ever wanted to control your whole life with a simulator to see what you could do better? With Bitlife you really can not control your own life, but this entertaining game will give you the possibility to make all the decisions that a human would take from the first day of life, but with some more fun turns to make the game more entertaining. Download Bitlife right now and discover everything this game has for you. Start enjoying this entertaining game.

Bitlife is a life simulator that will give you the possibility to direct all the life of a cybernetic human, with all the decisions that a person should take. Your game can be very normal, ending up dying old with a big family, or becoming a criminal leader of all bands. Everything depends on the decisions you make. Start playing right now

Download Bitlife right now and enjoy everything that this app has to offer. This game may not be the most common, but we assure you that it will keep you entertained for a long time. Start playing this fantastic game right now and discover all that Bitlife has to offer.

Play Bitlife right now from your Smartphone or Tablet

If you are a fan of strange video games, Bitlife will be an excellent option for you. With this game you can create a life from the first day of birth, completely controlling everything your cybernetic human would do. The main objective of the game is not to die, you must try how long you would stay alive depending on the bizarre options you would choose.

When you download Bitlife you will have a human and you will have to start making decisions that would completely change the direction of your life. You can die as a child if you decide not to eat, or become a mad scientist, or even have a normal life and die as an old man. All this will depend on the decisions you make within the game.

Start playing this entertaining game right now and start raising a person. How long do you think you would live if you decide to become a criminal? Or how many children do you think you could have with the love of your life? All this you can prove it by making crazy decisions with Bitlife.

How to download Bitlife?

If you want to start playing this strange game of decisions, you should download Bitlife right now. Start playing Bitlife on your Android or iOS Smartphone or Tablet by downloading this app from Google Play and App Store. This game is completely free and does not require internet connection to play. At the end of this post you will find a link to download Bitlife on any of your mobile devices.

Start right now to play this wonderful game and discover all that Bitlife has for you. Inside the game you will be able to find some purchases, but it will not be obligatory to pay for anything. Download Bitlife right now and discover what decisions would make your cyberhuman live longer.

Video of Bitlife
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