If you are creative and want to create fun images without much effort Bitmoji is the app for you. This fun app will allow you to create a funny avatar in of ourselves. Once created, you can put your character in dozens of fun situations, change clothes every time you want, create memes with you as the protagonist, and much more.  The best of all is that you can share it with your friends in any app. Now we show you how to download Bitmoji and how to use it.

Bitmoji is an app that lets you send lots of funny cartoons to all of your friends. Once selected the drawing that we like, we can send it using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or the messaging app that we want. Also, Bitmoji has a special integration with Snapchat that allows you to add your character in the snaps and has an option to turn your avatar to a 3D one.

How does Bitmoji Works

After you download Bitmoji you must create an account to make your avatar. Then you can use it on any other device. You can create it with your Snapchat account or create one with your email.

You can create and customize your avatar, to make it look like you. Choose if you are a man or a woman, and what style of caricature you would like to create. The app has many options of hairstyles, as well as colors and shapes of eyes, eyebrows, lips and noses. You can also look for the face and body shape that most resemble you. Then add accessories that go with your personality, and It’s done! In a very easy way you will have created your own Bitmoji character. Once created you can put your character in many fun situations and even create memes.

By default, the Bitmoji app has five different moods. Inside each of these you will find many fun stickers with your character. In addition, the app includes different clothing stores; including well-known franchises, with free outfits that you can change to your character whenever you want.

To share your created avatar, you can open the sticker you like from the same app and press the “share” button and then choose the messaging app where you will send it. Another faster way is that Bitmoji will show you a floating bubble in your messaging applications that you can press within the same chat and allow you to choose the sticker you want to send.

How to download Bitmoji

Download Bitmoji on your Smartphone or tablet is very easy. Download this app is free and you can find it in App Store or Google Play. To make things easier, we have left the shortcuts to download Bitmoji app at the end of this post.

You do not need an internet connection to create your Bitmoji avatar, but you will need it to be able to share it in your messaging apps. Start using Bitmoji on your Smartphone or Tablet today and make your fun chats with your personalized stickers.

Video of Bitmoji
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