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Smartphones have different options to personalize their design or layout. However, we can’t change a lot of things easily because it is part of their program. To change basic things you need to count with a launcher, and if you are looking for a fun one and faster, you need to download Bling Launcher right now. This app is free and will let you personalize your phone in a way that you will love.

Bling Launcher is an incredible app that will help you to change basic things from your phone, like the theme, apps, layout, home screen and more. It is very light and will speed up your phone easily, so if you are interested in getting this app, keep reading this post to know all the things you can get from this app and how to get it right now.

All the things you can do with Bling Launcher on your phone

As we mentioned before, Bling Launcher is an amazing app that can help you to change the design on your phone. You can personalize your smartphone as you want it easily with this app and make it look like you want it. But this is not all, you can also speed up your device and make more space for new apps, new files and RAM process. So, let’s take a look at all the things you can do with this app installed on your phone.

If you are looking for new themes and designs, then this app will help you with that. You can change the theme, change the home screen for animated and 3D ones, add fun emojis, call screens to make it more phone and personalize and transition effects. This way you can change the entire look of your phone.

The notifications on your screen will change too. You will know faster all the unread messages and missed calls. You will be able to manage folders and menus, this way you can arrange your apps the way you want it and need it.

Finally, as we mentioned, this app is way more than that. It will protect your privacy because you can block your screen to avoid intruders getting access to your personal information. You can also block apps. Also, clean your phone and delete old files, cache, empty folders and more. So, with this app you can have a speed up performance and a better experience. So, if you want to get this app, keep reading this post to know how.

How to download Bling Launcher?

If you want to download Bling Launcher right now you just need to tap on the download button that is at the bottom of this post. Then choose your device system and it will take you to the right source to download the app. After this, tap on the download button again and accept the terms and conditions.

This app is available for Android devices for free, so you can also get it in the Google Play Store.

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Bling Launcher

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