Board Kings

Roll the dice and let the fun begin! Jelly Button Games brings a fun and crazy game that mixes the best of a board game with a game of building cities, a venture in which you will have to manage the strategy and luck to achieve level! Download Board Kings and let the fun begin.

Collect coins and gems to place traps to defend your board, take care of other players and build the most beautiful city with all the adorable and crazy rabbits. Become the king of the board and manage to get the best city of all! Download Board Kings and start this adventure!

Download Board Kings and start enjoying this fun game

The pace of this game advances with speed and that can be seen since it is downloaded. At the start, a classic table game box opens to show you a blank board. Immediately appears a window with a lot of funny icons related to objects that we see in any city but caricatured.

The window shows a kind of roulette that you choose the icon at random. If you like the one that has come out, you choose it, if it is not the one you prefer, you can keep turning the roulette until one that is of your liking comes out. Once you have accepted the icon, you start throwing the die to advance on the board.

 The game starts in a kind of tutorial that shows you the steps you must follow and how you can go to visit other players’ cities and destroy them in order to get coins. As we said before, everything in the game is moving fast enough and it feels like a roller coaster.

Despite the funny and crazy game, you must consider a strategy and know how to manage your resources to achieve progress in each level. The number of turns of the die you have is limited and what you do in each turn affects your game in a short time. Think carefully about each move and secure your city from the other players!

How to download Board Kings?

You can download Board Kings on any of your devices, it’s a free app and you can find it in Google Play stores or App Store. Although Board Kings is a free download app, inside packages are offered for you to buy with real money. Download Board Kings and enjoy the funniest and funniest adventure of your life!

All your actions in the game will be bounded by the dice and pieces of the board; depending on where you fall, your luck will be better or worse. For this you must plan very well what you do and be careful! Do not fall into the police box or risk losing a significant amount of coins!

The 3D graphics are incredible, humor and vibrant colors perfectly accompany the aesthetics of cartoons. Each of the 18 boards that brings the game has a theme that perfectly complements the whole visual explosion that is Board Kings. Do not forget to download this amazing and epic game!

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