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If you are a lover of games of speed and mental agility, Bombarika will become one of your favorite games. This is a game in which you must test your agility to draw a bomb from a room using only the furniture in the room. Start right now to play this magnificent game and discover all the things that will put you to the test. Download Bombarika right now and live the fun with this amazing app.

Bombarika is a game much more difficult than it seems, but using mental agility and speed you can start to take the bombs out of the rooms before they explode. The best thing about this game is that it's not like those never ending games, but in Bombarika you can definitely win. Do not miss the opportunity to play this fantastic game on any of your devices.

If you want to know more about Bombarika, you should just continue reading this post. Then we tell you everything that Bombarika has for you, so that you can start playing as soon as possible. Discover right now everything that this fantastic game has for you and become faster than the bomb to protect the room.

Be faster than the bomb and save the room with Bombarika

Bombarika is an amazing game of mental agility that will allow you to be the hero who saves different rooms from exploding due to a bomb (or many bombs). This is why you should find a way to get the pump out of the room as quickly as possible before the clock runs out. Your only allies to get rid of the bomb will be the furniture and other furniture of the house.

Start right now to discover everything that this fantastic app has to offer. If you are one of those who love games of mental quickness, Bombarika will be ideal for you. At each level the pump will be different, and the furniture can help you find a way to get rid of it. Also, in some levels you will find more than one bomb, so you must be much faster.

Bombarika is a game that has some very beautiful illustrations and they will make you enjoy and relax while you try to save the rooms from exploding by a bomb. Start right now to enjoy this fantastic app and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a game as great as this one.

How to download Bombarika?

If you want to enjoy this wonderful game you just have to download it for your Smartphone or Tablet. Start right now to play this game from your Android or iOS by downloading Bombarika through Google Play and App Store. At the end of this post you will find a link to download this game directly on any of your devices.

Bombarika is a paid game, but the good thing is that after paying to download the game you will not have annoying advertising and you will not have to pay anything else. Start playing Bombarika right now and become the best and fastest deactivating bombs.

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About Bombarika
  • Updated 19 June, 2020
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