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A fun puzzle game is always needed in your Smartphone. With this amazing app just play the Bored Button and start the fun. Enjoy an incredible selection of puzzles with which you can spend hours glued to the screen. Download Bored Button and test your puzzle solving skills.

The developer Gabble Studios brings you this entertaining game where you have the opportunity to move from puzzle to puzzle if any one seems boring. You only have to touch the red button that is in the lower corner and that’s it; you will instantly be solving another puzzle. If you want to know how to download Bored Button on any of your devices, read on.

Bored Button brings you many puzzles so you never get bored

Bored Button has a simple interface, you start with a random puzzle and the app gives you a very quick explanation of how to play. The graphics are simple and colorful; the mechanics of the different puzzles are quite easy to understand.

At the bottom of the screen you will have a menu where you can see the puzzles you have recently played, the ones you saved as favorites and the most popular games within Bored Button.

The puzzles are a mix of classics such as Tetris, Connect Four, and a digital version of the popular card game: UNO.

It is a game that engages for its simplicity and for the fun you can have with the puzzles. The levels start being easy, but as it is such an addictive game, without realizing it, you are caught by a greater challenge in the higher levels.

Bored Button adds a cool feature to the well-known puzzle games. And with this app you have the possibility to change the game within the same app. You do not have to download many games or store them in the memory of your devices.

You only have to Download Bored Button and you can enjoy all of them in one place. Enjoy this fantastic app and discover all the games that Bored Button has for you.

New games come to Bored Button every week so you’ll never get bored of touching the red button to discover everything this app brings for you. Your hours of boredom are over, play Bored Button and you can even play some puzzles online. Do not stay without downloading this app is your smartphone or tablet.

How to download Bored Button?

You can download Bored Button on your iOS or Android devices at the App Store or Google PLay stores. It is a free download app that contains ads. You must have an Internet connection when you want to play online and it is suitable for all audiences. Bored Button has very good scores in app stores.

Enjoy all the games and do not miss the opportunity to touch the red button. Solve all the levels of your favorite puzzles and do not take off from this app. Download Bored Button and have many games within one. If you want to download Bored Button, here we leave the link.

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