Brawl Stars

The creators of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach do not stop surprising us. They have arrived with the new proposal called Brawl Stars. Download Brawl Stars and start playing this fun game.

This leaves behind the system of cards and brings us a variety of game modes in which the user can choose to enter 3-on-3 battles and select from 15 characters.

Download Brawl Stars and collect enough coins and strength points. Go ahead and play this Supercell proposal that promises to become one of the most popular.

In this video game you will find pure action in real time. Get your character full of personality and skills that suits your game and spend the best hours playing.

Get all the details about the amazing Brawl Stars

A shooter game for your mobile device is what currently comes for our mobile devices. This app has different game modes presents a game; where we will have a team of three people facing each other with the same number of players.

Within each game we will undertake a journey in which we will have to defeat our rivals and get the most important elements of each battle.

Among the different game modes we will have the gems traps. This consists of collecting 10 gems that appear on our map and manage to hold them for 15 seconds.

If our brawler dies, it will release all the gems obtained. Then, we have the robbery mode, in this way our objective will be to destroy a strong box of the enemy team.

The other two game modes are, Brawl Ball. Here each team must take the ball that is in the middle of the map and score a goal in the rival’s goal. And the last modality is Survival; here the game can be in duo or solitaire, there will be no battles of three.

You will have to look for the boxes that boost your level and give possibility to kill your enemy.

How to play Brawl Stars?

Using this app will be very simple. To be able to move through your map, you will have three joysticks on the screen and you will only have to slide them with your finger to move in different directions. Download Brawl Stars and start playing.

Something that has caught the attention of the players have been their two-dimensional graphics. It has also been characterized by aerial or aerial view so you will always have to go to the top of your screen to get your enemy.

As you advance in the game you will get chips that will allow you to have chests. By winning games you can save trophies that are those that let you rise in rank and face better players in different games. If your character goes up, his stats will improve significantly and this will make him much more competitive.

How to download Brawl Stars?

You can download Brawl Stars by going to the App Store or Google Play for IOS and Android devices.

Have fun playing in this app and practice or train in friendly games if you are starting since it is a good opportunity to improve everything we want and be prepared for the real battles. Below we leave the link to download Brawl Stars.

Video of Brawl Stars
Download Brawl Stars
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