Designing images, flyers, and presentations for your work, invitation cards and even covers for Facebook was not an easy task for everyone. That’s why we recommend downloading Canva.

Before this app we needed help from a designer who managed certain resources specialized in making this type of material. Also, we needed some special design programs to achieve it.

Now there is an app that offers all these tools as a quick and easy solution to make designs as a professional. Canva is an option for bloggers, influencers, Community Managers or simply those people who love design and like to play with their creativity.

Discover all that Canva brings for you

Canva is an incredible tool to take advantage of our time when creating a piece that we need to use quickly. This app brings hundreds of templates available with different colors and designs in which you only have to make small adjustments to get the result you want.

To access this app you can simply link your Facebook profile or email and enter quickly. Canva will then let you enter the app and you will have access to all its functions to start creating. You can show that your imagination coupled with such an incredible app can achieve things that no one would think.

When choosing the design class you want to create, your worktable will appear with the template that you liked the most. Then you will see different sections to work. You will have text to write what you want. You can choose the background that you like or edit the default colors of your template and you can also add elements to decorate your project.

In this app you have an excellent option to work as a team. You can create a file or template; and you can share it with the people you want to work on it and follow the pattern created above. You can also create different folders to organize your teams and the elements they should use primarily.

How to Download Canva?

You can download Canva on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS for free. Inside the app you will find a version with many options that you can access by making an extra payment. Below we leave the link to download Canva.

Currently, Canva has its version for work; this is a paid version that has a free version for 30 days to prove your functions before paying. Here you can make simple animations for your posts on social networks. You will have the option to create your brand kit to save the colors and fonts used.

Canva for work has been an incredible and full of quality option. This app is highly recommended if we must carry a brand as a team; since all the information or files can be stored in it and thus everyone can have easy access.

An option that can help us when creating a design is to use the search engine to get the template of that file in which we want to work. By clicking on the search engine, a series of options will be displayed. This will help us if we are in a hurry and we need to work quickly.

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