Card Thief

Card games on mobile devices may not be one of the most popular but they are a great bet for game developers. Download Card Thief and discover one of the best.

This type of games are a great alternative to work creativity; and that is why more and more has been innovated within this genre in the apps

This time we will talk about Card Thief; is a videogame that has been based on the popular Solitaire game that we all surely play at some point sitting on our PC.

In this title we will have to manage a thief who aims to steal a large amount of treasure without being discovered by someone else. Download Card Thief and start enjoying this game.

Card Thief is an amazing card game for smartphone

When starting our adventure in this app we will be amazed by the design of the game. It has a dark proposal that will immediately take us back to the dark middle ages. This is also part of an incredible visual proposal for the player. Download Card Thief and become the stealthiest player and get the goal.

In our interface we will have a board with 9 cards and our mission will be to guide the thief by the most appropriate way to get the exit. We will have a limited number of moves to make and the number of cards we have on our board will wear out.

After we make a tour we will have substitution of cards; those that we have stepped on before will be replaced by new ones until we get the exit.

While we are doing this type of movement there will be a series of guards who want to capture us. If we can avoid being caught we also have to steal everything we can.

As we move forward we will have to steal essential elements to make our escape much easier. To extinguish the torches of the guards, to put us in the shadows will be key decisions to get the exit and finish victorious. Also if we manage to make our key movements we will receive rewards.

If we successfully complete our thefts, it will be possible to unlock and update up to 12 cards for teams; and each of these has a capacity for us to improve the highest scores.

Download Card Thief and become the best thief in this game without being captured or seen by anyone.

How to download Card Thief?

You can download Card Thief in the App Store and in Google Play for IOS and Android for free. You can enjoy the games you want offline, at all times.

Unlock all possible sites to make new and masterful thefts and you will find new cards. Below we leave the link to download Card thief.

Each game will last 2 to 3 minutes. This is why your movements should be as fast and successful as possible. This game is an incredible bet that we can try and enjoy. In most of its updates we can enjoy new thieves with their characteristics each.

We tell you that in each deck you have you will have 30 cards and a board with 9 more. One of these letters is our thief and they will also represent the current situation we have.

Our goal will be to move our minimum robber twice, we can see the path of it if we click on an adjacent card. Download Card Thief and start playing.

Video of Card Thief
Download Card Thief
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