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If you like to publish the updates of your favorite apps we tell you that you are not the only person with this kind of tastes. There are hundreds of people waiting to try technological innovations before they become so well known in the world. Download Chrome Dev to discover this app.

Google knows its users and has shared through Google Play an update in development of its most famous web browser Google Chrome.

This version that is in the process of growth is called Chrome Dev and today we will recommend this app many months in advance for you to enjoy it and know its failures and improvements.

Chrome Dev is the new Chrome update that you should try

Chrome Dev for the moment is an isolated app to the most popular web browser Google Chrome that we know and use on our mobile device.

Although Google has launched it to the market to surprise its followers; both apps work independently and are at different levels of operation.

This app is currently in development. What the developers are trying to do is that the people who decide to download it know all their faults because it is an app that is updated every week.

In this way they will be part of the evolutionary journey of Chrome Dev and they can also send comments about their experience.

It is incredible to be part of the growth of our most used apps. This app is committed to a simple and elegant design that offers a more pleasant experience; with many more functions that we can exploit. Remembering that the version we use today is not the final version that will surprise us all.

Download Chrome Dev will let us try these improvements; but it will not be an app that becomes our usual used search engine. When you download the app and enter its interface we will find a design similar to the Chrome we use.

We can access new tabs, incognito tabs, the history of pages visited; and you can even send comments about the app in the help section. This lets us know that Chrome Dev will keep its different options in future updated versions.

One of the options most expected by users is the possible function of linking the app with the version of our computer. What this option will allow us is to keep the same pages and tabs open on both devices.

We could also share the history and our favorites by making this link

How to download Chrome Dev?

Chrome Dev is a version that Google has launched especially for Android so you can get it in Google Play completely free.

Be the first to enjoy this new version and to find out about the latest news first of all. Below is the link to download Chrome Dev.

We recommend you download Chrome Dev and follow the evolution of this app to allow you a wider enjoyment among your web search engines.

Google already has different versions of Chrome that work their development processes at different levels. The improvements of each app depend on the needs of the user. Allow this app to teach you if it is right for you.


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About Chrome Dev
  • Updated 27 April, 2022
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  • Category Apps, Browsers
  • Current Version Varies with device

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Chrome Dev

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