Download Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the hottest mobile games in the Play Store right now. This free multiplayer game has been topping the charts since it was released earlier this year. You can download Clash Royale right now and show off your skills using the download button at the top of the page.

As I’ve mentioned before, my boyfriend is constantly playing Clash Royale. It’s his second mobile game addiction after Mobile Strike and the reason my phone is always low battery. You see, it’s a game with nice visuals, and playing on my 5” screen is much more fun than on his old 3.5”. But I digress.

This is a very competitive, fast-paced player-vs-player game. To be perfectly honest, it’s not my cup of tea; I might be too antisocial to play against real live human beings. But there’s definitely something to it. Aside from having almost 4 million 5-star ratings in the Play Store, it’s been lauded as the best game for touchscreens ever made. That’s saying a lot!


Anyway, in this post I’ll talk a little bit about gameplay and how to download Clash Royale. If you want to download Clash Royale right now, use the download button above and follow the instructions at the bottom of the post.

How to play Clash Royale

Clash Royale comes from the makers of Clash of Clans. It features some of the most popular characters from the Clans game, plus lots of new stuff. It’s a multiplayer strategy game that’s very accessible and easy to pick up. If you know anything about card games like Pokemon or Magic the Gathering, the concept is similar. Clash Royale is basically an electronic deck game, although much simpler than Magic, for example.

You and your opponent each have three towers: one with your King and the other two with Princesses. The goal is to use the troops, weapons, spells, etc. in your deck to destroy your opponent’s towers. When you do, you win crowns and trophies that are used to advance through the game and upgrade cards.

There’s also a social/cooperative component of the game. You can become a member of a clan and share cards and test out new tactics in friendly battles.

As you progress, your goal is to continue building the perfect battle deck. New cards are unlocked as you advance to higher Arenas, and you can collect resources to upgrade existing cards.

How to download Clash Royale

You can download Clash Royale from your device’s normal app market, like Google Play or the App Store. Alternatively, Android users can download Clash Royale by tapping the download button at the top of the page; this will send the APK file to your device so you can install it. Here’s how:

Tap the download button, tap “save” if prompted, and wait for the Clash Royale file to download.
Meanwhile, go to your Android security settings and find the option marked “unknown sources”.
Make sure the box is checked so you can install the file with no problems.
You should get a notification when the download is finished; tap the notification to open the file, then tap “install” and accept any permissions.

Soon, Clash Royale will be installed on your device and you’ll see a new icon on your home screen. All you have to do is tap the icon to launch the game. It’s the exact same game you would get in the Play Store. The only difference is you can sometimes get a newer version doing a manual download; this is because new versions aren’t made available to all Android devices at the same time.


So, if you’re the competitive type, welcome to your new addiction! If you’re the antisocial significant other, you might prefer to stick with Angry Birds or Minecraft.

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