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If you are looking for an app to sketch, put ideas down, draw and design, then you need to try Concepts. There a lot of similar apps on the market where you can design and create incredible things. Concepts has cemented its reputation as a useful sketching and productivity software. The app has a long history of being used by professionals in a variety of creative undertakings, and the app's "projects" settings ensure that it is both form and function versatile. If you want to download Concepts, keep reading this post.

Concepts is a free to download app that is available in different platforms, including Android and iOS devices. If you download the app on different devices you can easily synchronize them and keep all your information together. This tool has many features that can help you to sketch, draw, paint and design anything you want, something that many professionals are using right now.

What are the features available in Concepts?

One of the greatest features is the virtually endless canvas size that can be an excellent tool for stream-of-thought doodlers for drawing and re-sketching until you achieve a final illustration that you may want to transfer into another app to render properly. If an endless canvas isn't your thing, there are choices to limit your canvas to a specific size, and also options to customize the canvas's design to look like types of papers. You can pick dot papers for bullet journals, lines, math sheets, and more.

Concepts features a color wheel based on the iconic Copic alcohol marker brand, making it an excellent tool for traditional artists who want to make color narrative thumbnails. The free edition of Concept includes 11 common pen and pencil brushes, with the majority of them supporting pressure sensitivity and pen tilt. In addition, there are free tools for selection, pan, nudge, slice, and masking.

Is Concepts available for free or is it paid?

To access all of Concepts' capabilities, you'd have to spend $5 per month to "become pro" and gain access to all of the limited features. An annual subscription option is also available, which is drastically discounted at $30 for 12 months. If you don't want to pay for a membership, you can buy individual themed brush packs for $2 apiece, but you'll still be limited in terms of features.

How to download Concepts on your device?

To download Concepts to any of your mobile devices you just need to tap on the download button down below. This app is now available for Android and iOS devices through Google Play and the App Store. We have a link at the end of this post so that you can quickly download this app.

This app is completely free to download and if you want to access all the features that the app offers, you can subscribe to the service. Once you download this app on your device you can start enjoying all the incredible tools that the app has for you.


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