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Managing a restaurant may seem like a difficult task but not impossible. Now you can become one of those people who run their own restaurant in the Cooking Fever management game. This app will train you to be the best challenging time. Download Cooking Fever right now.

Cooking is not such a simple mission and less when you are under pressure. The wonderful thing about this game are all the tools it gives you to achieve it and to scale up your skills and improve your local service.

Cooking Fever is an ideal game to measure your precision when cooking

By having a restaurant you must work to provide good service to your customers, serve the best food, take care of and improve your place, see profits and manage to end a day with everyone happy.

By downloading Cooking Fever you can do all this; but challenging the time and paying close attention to each of your movements.

This app has become one of the best management games related to food. Within the game you will find a map with various locations; that will be unlocked as you get money and stars in your first restaurant.

Cooking Fever’s first restaurant can be addictive for the fun of it. When you start playing you will realize that before the time starts, you must plan each of the activities; and thus anticipate the orders of customers, this way you will not make them wait and they will leave happy. Some even tip you.

During each game your function will be to prepare enough food; from hamburgers, potato chips, hot dogs, serve soft drinks and have the desserts ready to replenish them for future customers.

These functions are limited by the preparation time; and you can solve it with the purchase of new kitchen machines.

You will have to buy new machines for your kitchen; as a more efficient fryer, several burners to prepare hamburger meats, an extra plate to make the sausages. And even an extra plate to heat the loaves of the hot dogs. This will make your products a little more expensive and earn more money.

How to download Cooking Fever?

You can play Cooking Fever directly from the App Store and on Google Play for IOS and Android. This app is completely free; Within the game you will get some sections in which you can make extra payments to unlock them faster.

We recommend this game for the amount of different levels that will not disappoint you. Below we leave the link for you to download Cooking Fever.

Keeping your customers happy makes them give you a tip but what is really important is that thanks to it you can get three stars in each game. The positive thing about getting three stars is that you can go unlocking other restaurants.

Download Cooking Fever is fun to test your skills and strategies in each game. You will learn to save and invest in your restaurant with different objectives. You will also begin to know what your customers want and that will make the processes simpler.

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