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Cut the Rope is one of those games that we do not get tired of playing. With your help the adorable little green monster that has come to your house, called Om Nom, can eat all the candy you want. Download Cut the Rope to enjoy this incredible game.

Start playing this amazing game and start creating strategies to feed your new green guest. You will not let him die of hunger, right?

Cut the rope is a game that makes you create strategies and boost your skills based a little on physics; since you must calculate very well the elements and the order in which you use them to be able to feed the little Om Nom.

Some of these elements appear as you advance in level, such as strings, bubbles and spikes. Get to know your new guest a little better and collect as many stars as you can to unlock future levels. Download Cut the Rope right now.

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Cut the rope is a game that puts you to the test due to the decisions you must make when cutting the ropes and feeding Om Nom. This character will always be at a different point on the screen.

It is a simple game, if you do marathons when playing you can finish it easily. The objective of each level is to be able to take the candy to the mouth of the tender Om Nom; and also get the stars of each level.

Each box has 25 levels with 3 stars that you must gather to continue climbing. In each box you find new game mechanics; as the first level that is mainly to train you how to cut the strings and play with each of the elements that are presented. Up to a slightly more advanced level where you must play with precision.

Cut the rope is a game that has positive reinforcements during the moves. It tries to encourage the player to keep trying and give their best effort to get the stars without punishing him if he makes a mistake.

When you download Cut the rope you will realize that it is a fun but not stressful game; in spite of having your difficulties when making your plays, it is not impossible to finish it.

A curious aspect when you download Cut the rope is that you can repeat the levels to perfect your movements. You can plan a little better your strategy or simply to achieve this time the three stars, in case you have not been able to do it before.

How to download Cut the rope?

Download Cut the rope on any of your iOS and Android devices. This game has reached 960 million downloads worldwide. Join Om Nom to get all the candy you want with your help.

This app is ideal to play in free time thanks to its dynamics and simplicity. There are several versions of this game that you can download and some are paid. But this free version of Cut the rope is really good.


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Cut the rope

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