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We spend so much time with our cell phones that it's great to personalize it with wallpapers of things we like; ringtones with our favorite songs, original fonts and much more. A deeper personalization is the use of themes that will make our Smartphone look original with different icons and pop-up windows with the colors that we like the most. This way your Smartphone will look very similar to your style and you will feel it even more yours. If black is your color, and besides that you like to give a different touch to your Smartphone, with original designs and dark tones, this may be the app for you. Darkmatte is an Android theme and an icon pack with elegant flat designs in gray and black colors that will give another air to your mobile device. Download Darkmatte and make your phone look like the dark matter itself.

If you want to personalize your phone by turning in black and different your icons and pop-up windows, you better keep on reading because we'll show you how it works and how you can download Darkmatte.

How does Darkmatte works

Darkmatte is a Android theme of personalization that has more than 2000 icons of applications and keeps updating to have even more and more. Its design is flat and in dark shades of gray and black that give a mysterious and elegant touch to your Smartphone. 'The icons are totally in HD. As a recent icon pack, not all applications with this original design are yet available, but the developer listens to proposals and requests and adds new ones with each update.

Before you download Darkmatte you must ensure that your smartphone has one of the launchers that are compatible with this pack of icons. Fortunately it is compatible with most of popular launchers, such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Arrow Launcher, Cyanogenmode, Go Launcher, Next Launcher, etc. It is not compatible with Google Now, Pixel Launcher, Touchwiz, MIUI or any other launcher that comes by default on Android devices.

Darkmatte supports the dynamic calendar, and also has Wallpapers that can adapt to the style of the screen. The icon pack also supports Multilanguage, it has up to 12 languages.

If you like dark colors, you should definitely try Darkmatte. Your phone will look very different from the others; it will be more sober and elegant and will give it a mysterious air that you will surely love.

How to download Darkmatte

Download Darkmatte is very simple; you can customize your phone and change the style of all your icons with just one application. This app is exclusive for Android, and you can have it on your Smartphone or tablet. You can find it completely for free in the Google Play Store. At the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts so you can go right now to download Darkmatte and customize your phone with the best and most elegant icons. The app is light, weighs only 11.12 MB with constant updates.

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About Darkmatte
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