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Having to remember the passwords of all the sites you use on the web is terrible and tedious. Surely you have had to leave some sites or reset your account completely by a forgotten password. If you are already one of those who are tired of having to create different combinations in each site, and besides having to remember them, this app will save your life. Dashlane Password Manager is a tool as useful as it is simple, with which you can manage all of your keys from a single application. When you download Dashlane you will access all important data such as bank, work or home without security problems. There are several good key managers, but Dashlane is one of the simplest and safest.

With Dashlane Password Manager, you only need to configure a master key to access all of your services. Do not suffer anymore trying to remember all your passwords and keep reading this post, because here we will show you how it works and how you can download Dashlane.

How does Dashlane works

Dashlane Password manager facilitates the storage of all the necessary keys to access your social networks, bank branches, medical insurance or any other website, regardless of the category they are in. With Dashlane you will only need a master password, which once entered, will open all your profiles, thus avoiding having to fill out questionnaires every time you want to enter any site. These thanks to the AES-256 encryption that will help you generate powerful keys for your different web services.

After downloading Dashlane and opening the application for the first time you will see a list of the most visited services by other users. Those are Facebook, Amazon, Outlook, Google and some more. Once the session is started, you will be automatically connected whenever you enter the master password.

On the other hand, you can also add all your credit cards and automatically generate strong keys that will prevent anyone from accessing your information. Dashlane Password Manager will become a new essential tool to manage all your important information.

Dashlane acts as a manager of your passwords. It can alert you to those who are at risk, create new ones that are really good, and take charge of the task of identifying yourself and completing all the forms to change the keys. Simply select the accounts you want to change, press the change tab and wait. Some pages require additional information, such as the answer to a security question or a code sent via text message.

How to download Dashlane

Download Dashlane is very simple.  You will enjoy a tool that will help you manage your passwords and not forget them anymore. It is available for Android and iOS. To make it easier at the end of this post we will leave you the shortcuts of this app in Google Play and App Store so you can go right now to download Dashlane. This app is completely free and with it you will enjoy multiple functions to manage all your keys and your accounts. However, within the same application you can purchase a Premium account so you have access to even more features.

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