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If you are a fan of role-playing MMO games, you will surely want to try a lot of games of this type.  Dragon Project will be a good option for you. Dragon Project is a very fun videogame with nice 3D graphics that gives you the possibility to participate in hunting with other human players. Download Dragon Project and you can live this role experience with your friends. Hunt giant monstrous creatures, kill your enemies along with the help of other persons and complete the missions that will be given to you.

This game has been adapted to play with the screen in vertical mode, so it is very comfortable to play from your Smartphone. You will have a lot of fun following the plot and completing the missions. In this post we show you how to play it and how you can download Dragon Project.

How to play Dragon Project

Dragon Project takes you to a kingdom called Heiland. In Heiland until recently, peace reigned and the inhabitants felt safe. It was possible to move throughout the kingdom safely. But, all this changes dramatically when hordes of dragons and other evil creatures appear. They are going to start sowing chaos in their wake. Your mission is to lead a team that goes hunting for these beings to restore stability to the kingdom. You can join your friends to form this squadron to kill these dragons that are causing so much damage in the kingdom. The operation of the game has classic elements of the strategy genre.

In Dragon Project you must complete different missions. As you are defeating enemies you will be able to obtain objects and improvements that allow you to improve in the game. You can have much more powerful weapons and spells as you progress. So you will face more powerful beings each time as the difficulty will increase.. You will have action-packed battles between dragons and monsters where you will use your skills. In addition, two new monsters will be available every two weeks that you can evoke and fight with.

Download Dragon Project will immerse you in an incessant spiral of power where you will have to constantly get better weapons and equipment to be able to defeat more powerful monsters. For this you will have a huge range of possibilities, whether they are daily missions, the tasks proposed by the story mode or the special events that will reward you for performing certain tasks on a daily basis. Tendrás batallas llenas de acción entre dragones y monstruos en donde usarás tus habilidades.

How to download Dragon Project

Download Dragon Project is very easy and is a very complete but simple to use MMORPG game that you can enjoy in the company of your friends or make new friends playing. You can get it completely for free in the App Store or Google Play Store for your Android or iOS device. To make it easier at the end of this post we will leave the shortcuts so you can go right now to download Dragon Project. You must grant internal storage permissions to the app that weighs approximately 54M. You also need Internet connection in order to play on the multiplayer mode.

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Dragon project

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