Dragons Titan Uprising

The movie How to Train Your Dragon has become the favorite of many because of its wonderful history and its adorable characters, the most famous, the dragon Toothless. Now you can download Download Dragons Titan Uprising and play from your Smartphone.

Dragons: Titan Uprising is an app that brings together a puzzle and role-playing game with the universe of How to Train your Dragon in one place.

We will enjoy a game in which we will have to join different stones making combinations of three or more in order to attack the enemy. These attacks will be carried out by the dragons that make up our team. Download Dragons: Titan Uprising right now.

Discover all the adventures that Dragons: Titan Uprising brings for you

This puzzle will pleasantly surprise you since you will have to be part of the team of Hiccup and Toothless to try to save Mema from the power of Draiz. In each game, depending on your strategy and performance, if you manage to eliminate all your opponents you can accumulate enough coins to improve your team; and in some cases you will unlock better dragons.

After each game you can go directly to a section to manage the resources that you have won; and to acquire new ones if you wish. Obtaining new elements will be a fundamental step to unlock new dragons and improve our team. We will have more than 100 dragons to know and they will also surprise us with their evolution.

In each game we will find landscapes that will seem familiar to us in the film. The videogame surprises us with images and graphics that are very striking and pleasing to the eye. Download Dragons: Titan Uprising and save Mema from the most terrible enemies with your favorite dragons in the movie.

You can also explore the different islands of the area and face the enemies of it. You will also have the option to train your dragons from a young age and convert them into majestic creatures ready for the confrontations. By training them you will make them improve and teach you all their skills. Download Dragons: Titan Uprising now on Android and iOS.

How to download Dragons: Titan Uprising

You can download Dragons: Titan Uprising in the App Store and Google Play for free for IOS and Android. Have fun training your favorite dragons we’ve seen before in the movie of this great story that surely will not fail to surprise you. Below we leave the link to download Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Each time we attack the enemy, depending on whether our defense was extremely powerful, the level of damage we can cause to the opponent will appear on the screen; and the movement or combo we can make to achieve our goal. Depending on the dragons that make up our team we can perform different attacks.

If there are only three dragons in our team, each one will represent the color of a stone on the top of your card. Thus we will know that if we join, for example, three green stones, our dragon that has the green color in the upper part will be the one that attacks and so on.

Do not forget to download Dragons: Titan Uprising right now on your Smartphone to start the fun.

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