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If you thought that surfing the web 100% incognito was impossible, we told you that the answer is no. Download Duckduck go to find an amazing tool.

Popular search engines such as Google in recent years have been characterized by the monitoring it does to its users regarding how they use their information search engine.

The use of unknown tabs is not as effective within certain platforms like Facebook. The problem is that there are other search engines that offer you privacy; but they are not so well known.

Duckduck go is one of those platforms that give you this service with complete privacy.

Download Duckduck go to surf the internet safely

On the Duckduck go platform the history of pages you visit will not be saved. When using this app or search engine your information will not be tracked.

You will find within their information a series of affirmations that they have for their users; One of them is that they have a privacy policy that does not collect or share any personal information of their users.

Because the app does not save your records, they have no information to sell to advertisers; and this means that you can’t find advertisements when using it.

This is simply wonderful. The crawlers on the web are another point that worries users and something that you will not have to fear anymore if you use this app.

In Duckduck go your interests are not tracked. So you will not see strange events while browsing the web; as unexpected price increases in items that caught your attention. This type of actions is blocked in this app to protect you.

Search filters are another aspect that has been controlled by other search engines. By downloading Duckduck go you will get the best results of the topic you are looking for no matter what else.

By browsing this platform you can know the degree of protection you have and see who has tried to access your information. When you finish browsing you can use the option to delete all your tabs and data instantly in a simple way.

This app tries to give you accurate results without having to make a profile. These quick results will try to give you basic information without having to go to any website. Also, if the answer you are looking for is in another platform like YouTube you can see it from the app without having to leave it.

How to download Duckduck go?

You can download this app on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS respectively. It is a completely free and easy to use platform. Below we leave the link to download Duckduck go.

We recommend you to download Duckduck go since it is a platform that focuses on the transparency and protection of its users.

The company has had an abysmal growth in a short time; and has managed to attract so many users to get 30 million searches a day by the end of 2018.

The developers of this app know that the privacy of people has become vulnerable with the evolution of technology and the web. That’s why Duckduck go is still committed to increasing the level of trust in its service.

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