Are you looking for a new game that is very addictive and entertaining? In that case Duet is for you. Duet is a game available for Android and iOS devices. With this entertaining game you will have hours of fun trying to complete all the levels. It is an addictive and a little scary game. You will need to have a great concentration if you want to win this game. Now we will show you everything you need to know about this entertaining game and how to download Duet in your smartphone or tablet.

Duet is a very minimalist game where you must control two small balls or ‘ships’ through an infinite space full of obstacles. You must be smart to control both ships at the same time, because if one of them dies, the other will also die. You will have to cross several worlds taking care of your two ships. The strategy is very important in this game.

How to play Duet

Download Duet will be a wonderful experience. Without a doubt, this is one of those games that you can’t leave until you have completed it. At first look the game may seem very simple and easy to play, but believe me, things will get complicated. In this game you must control two ships, one blue and one red, the two ships are connected, so if one of the two will die, the other also dies and the game is over. You must have a lot of skill and ability to dodge all obstacles that get in your way.

To play you must touch both sides of the screen. The right side controls the blue ship and the left side controls the red ship. When you touch the screen the ships will turn to the opposite side so you can avoid obstacles and complete the level.

Throughout the game you must complete 8 chapters. After finishing a chapter you can play it again to perfect your score. The more you improve your game you can unlock the other levels. You can also win perfect score plates if you can complete a level perfectly.

Duet is an extreme and completely captivating game. Although it is a simple and minimalist interface, it is a very attractive game. In addition, it has an incredible soundtrack that will increase your passion for the game by involving all your senses. Without a doubt, download Duet is an experience you can’t miss.

How to download Duet

Duet is a game available to be downloaded on Android and iOS. It is ideal to play on tablets and smartphones alike. In Android the app is completely free and you can download it from Google Play. At the end of this post we will leave the direct access to download Duet free on Android.

In iOS the app is not free, but if you want to play Duet you only have to pay 3 usd. It’s a really good price for such an excellent app. At the end of this post we we’ll also leave the shortcut to download the game on iOS.

Start today to play this amazing game.

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