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If you are looking for a game that is fun and easy to play, Dumb Ways to Die 2 will be your best option. With this game you can have fun anywhere from your Smartphone. Download Dumb Ways to Die 2 to discover this amazing game.

This game is the second part of a trilogy of fun games created after an awareness campaign for subway safety. That is why we will recommend this game that went from teaching and became fun.

Download Dumb Ways to Die 2 and keep with the fun

Dumb ways to die 2 has been the second part of Dumb Ways to Die. In this opportunity we will find ourselves in a downtown with different types of arenas; here they are carrying out a kind of Olympics a little more dangerous than we know in real life.

As in the first version of this videogame, the objective is to save our characters from the dumbest ways of dying in each of the sports. In each arena we will find different types of sport that in turn have another series of levels and difficulties. We could say that we will find mini-games that contain the same purpose.

Some of the sports that we will have to cross will be athletics, jumps, nothing in open water, mountaineering, swimming jumps; also lifting weights, shooting, skiing and even ice skating.

When choosing to compete in any of these sports we will find different obstacles that will add that difficulty in the level.

The obstacles are those elements that can cause our death within the game. These are precisely to remind us that the goal of the game is to teach us to be as cautious as we can in any situation we are in. We remember that we are also talking about a video game and the other objective is to help our characters.

The characters in this version of Dumb Ways to Die are still mostly the originals that appeared in the Melbourne metro campaign. We will meet some new ones but at the same time they continue to stand out for being adorable and funny.

At the start of each game we have three lives. Keep your lives is a fundamental work in the game because if you get to lose them all you will have to start from scratch and forget all your evolution.

How to download Dumb Ways To Die 2

You can download Dumb Ways to Die 2 in the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android. It is a completely free app. Now we leave the link to download Dumb Ways to Die 2.

When you download Dumb ways to die 2 you will still see small games; those placed  between game and game referring to the original game. You will have to save your little characters from dying on the train tracks. This is to continue remembering the main objective of the game.

In each level we will be forming our own score to be positioned in the best table of athletes; that in reality our characters have been in these Olympics that we will be leading.

Download Dumb Ways To Die 2

Dumb Ways To Die 2

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