Dumb Ways to Die 3

The great saga of Dumb ways to die continues to surprise its followers. Download Dumb Ways to Die 3 and start having fun

The creators of this video game now bring us a new proposal; but without leaving behind its characters that characterizes this delivery since 2012.

Dumb ways to die has been one of the most successful audiovisual proposals in recent times. To be an advertising campaign to raise awareness about the behavior of users in the metro; it became one of the most downloaded games on different platforms.

Play Dumb Ways to Die 3 from your Smartphone or tablet

As usual in the delivery of this saga we can observe our characters the main story. Our protagonists full of a charming personality, adorable and enthusiastic in each of the adventures that we will have to take throughout each game.

Unlike the past versions, Dumb Ways to Die 3 starts with a single mini games to which we will have access. On this occasion we will have to advance level with the best possible score to go unlocking other levels; and other mini-games in turn. In previous versions we had access to all the games from the beginning.

To earn coins and unlock other mini games; this time the objective of the game will be to repair the houses of a small town that is on fire. For this we will have to win the mini games of this edition that are being a little more complex than we knew before.

We will encounter challenges like flying an airplane and avoiding a series of obstacles; also ski, be astronauts, go through secret passages and all this while we collect the coins we need to advance.

At the start of each game as usual our characters will have three lives. In each game if our character dies they will lose their initial lives until losing them all; At this point you will have to start the game from scratch.

How to download Dumb Ways to Die 3

This app that can easily downloaded in the App Store and Google Play for IOS and Android. It is an app 100% free and easy to use. Below we leave the link to download Dumb Ways to Die 3.

In Dumb Ways to Die 3 we can also unlock new characters. Be amazed by the level of difficulty of each minigame of this new proposal.

Unlike past games; this time we will not see so many references of our characters in the subway trying to stay away from the train.

It also continues to teach us those silly ways that can cause accidents; and how can we avoid having them. This means that the game continues to adhere to the narrative of the bell that allowed the creation of this popular game.

The graphics of Dumb ways to die 3 are still incredible, full of color, good quality, vibrant colors and pleasing to the eye. We recommend this video game full of fun and challenges that will grow as you advance in level.

Video of Dumb Ways to Die 3
Download Dumb Ways to Die 3
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