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Electronic Arts does not stop bringing us incredible games related to sports. Download EA Sports UFC and start fighting with the champions.

The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship is where the martial arts unite hundreds of fighters to face each other in a challenge with the goal of beating the opponent. This video game comes to test your strategy in the middle of the fight with the best.

In the app you will see how they have recreated incredible mixed martial arts encounters; accompanied by very realistic graphics at a visual level if we compare it with other proposals made previously in this type of games.

We recommend you to download EA Sports UFC and connect with your character to give 100%.

Download EA Sports UFC and start playing one of the best games for smartphone

In this game we will have the option to choose between more than 100 fighters that are located in different categories. You can choose if you fight with women in bantamweight. For the most followers of this sport it will not be an easy task to distinguish between the most popular players who are recreated.

It is important to note that at the visual level this title has taken all the work in trying to recreate its characters as close as possible to its real anatomy. We will see from the musculature to the skin so real that we can’t believe it.

The game has tried during the fights our avatar looks as worn as possible so we can connect with him easily.

As you get to know the different fighters you can use, you will notice that each one has a special set of moves. You can win battles, unlock new opponents and level up in each of your abilities. Download EA Sports UFC and put your combat level to the test and train to be the best.

How to download EA Sports UFC

Download EA Sports UFC is really easy. This app is available in the App Store and on Google Play for IOS and Android for free. Gather those favorite UFC fighters and start your matches in a fun way accompanied by the best. Below we leave the link to download EA Sports UFC.

Through this app you can not only from anywhere at any time you want: you will also have the opportunity to play in the biggest matches through events that are performed live within the game. If you enter this type of event you will earn rewards and you will go up on the scoreboard.

If you train and play regularly you will learn the key points of a fight. This will make you perfect your movements and scales in the rankings to advance.

In EA Sports UFC you will see your evolution and how you start to get together with the best of your category. Your objective in this game should be to fight and train, enter into combats and grow because of your dedication.

In order to play in this app we will have to have an internet connection permanently. You can use the app from any mobile device without any problem.

It is also important to comment that we will find advertising within the game but nothing that prevents us from playing as we want with continuity. Download EA Sports UFC and start playing this amazing game right now.


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EA Sports UFC

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