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About the app

If you are a person with a tight schedule or you are just a little forgetful, this application is everything you need. So do not worry anymore about not remembering simple things as a birthday or a work meeting. Easilydo has an approximate of 43 functions automated that will make your life simpler. Here we show you how to use this awesome app and how to download Easilydo.

Easilydo is a great virtual assistant that organizes your work and your personal life. It warns you about the weather forecast, organizes contacts and files, reminds us of birthdays, follows parcel shipments and more. You will have less work, fewer worries and much more time for you.

How does Easilydo Works

In order to organize your agenda and obtain the necessary information you can link this application with your personal accounts; such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail calendar, email services and much more.  This will make it so much easier to helping you in various ways in your day by day. EasilyDo is based on the analysis of social contexts.  Download Easilydo to start.

Depending on the information collected, the app will perform a series of tasks automatically, or by prior authorization. Such as birthday greetings to your Facebook contacts on their special day according to their profiles, informing you of updates from your friends in the social network. It will show you the best photos of the day and where you appear tagged, adding Facebook profile photos to your contacts and serving as a connection to a new job through LinkedIn.

Among its many functions, Easilydo facilitates your trips thanks to its compatibility with a large number of airlines as well as car rental companies, hotels and more. Additionally you can add itineraries to your calendar. Ensure the confirmation of hotels and restaurants notifying you of any changes with this app. Verify traffic to know when to go to a meeting or even recommend the best way home or another place.

Download Easilydo helps keep you informed with constant updates on changes in weather. Also notifies you about important emails and notifies you about your billing. It also writes events in your calendar related to scheduled appointments by email, merge duplicate contacts, delete outdated emails; delete old reminders from your calendar, identify the email that you have forgotten to answer, remind you of meetings committed in emails that are not in your calendar and it shows you a preview of the attachments in emails.

How to download Easilydo

Despite all the great features it offers, this app is totally free.  You can download Easilydo it in the App Store and Google Play on your Smartphone. It has a Premium version that has many more features that this assistant can do for you. At the end of this post we will leave you the links so you can download it right now and start ordering your life.

Download this fabulous app and see that EasilyDo Smart Assistant is more than just an assistant and it makes the most of all the help it can give you to organize your work and your personal life.

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