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Everyone on our mobile devices must have a browser to access the internet, and there are certainly many options with which you can do it. But, what do you think if we tell you that there is an explorer who, in addition to allowing you to search the internet, can help to plant trees to combat global warming? This is Ecosia. Discover this amazing browser and start taking care of the planet while doing searches. Download Ecosia now.

Ecosia is an internet browser that works in the same way as many other smartphones and tablets. The difference is that Ecosia cares about the planet and for every 50 searches you do, they will plant a tree. The goal of this amazing company is to plant a billion trees by the year 2020, and they have already started.

Join the community of more than 8 million people who use Ecosia to navigate the internet while helping to improve the planet. Every search you do with Ecosia will be of great help to our planet and to the employees of this amazing company. Do not miss the opportunity to help fight global warming while you search the internet.

Ecosia is an internet browser that is fighting climate change

To begin let’s talk a little about the advantages that Ecosia has as an explorer. This is a very fast and lightweight browser with which you can access all the web pages you want easily and quickly. This browser is characterized by protecting your privacy at the expense of everything, since they are not interested in selling your data to websites of advertisers.

This is why Ecosia blocks all ads and allows you to surf the internet safely. Ecosia is a company whose main mission is to take care of the environment, and with your searches helps to plant trees in different regions of the planet. Each of your Ecosia searches helps reduce approximately 1 KG of CO2 from the atmosphere. Start right now to use this fantastic tool.

In addition to this you can help hundreds of workers in communities around the world, as this app provides jobs and good living conditions to people in poor countries. Even the company and the Ecosia servers are powered 100% by solar plants, so as not to generate more CO2.

Download Ecosia and be part of this amazing initiative to combat climate change. You can be part of this amazing community.

How to download Ecosia?

To start taking care of the planet with this amazing app you should only download Ecosia on any of your mobile devices. You can find this app completely free for Android and iOS from Google Play and App Store. At the end of this post we will find a link to download Ecosia on any of your mobile devices.

Start right now to be part of this incredible initiative to improve the conditions of the planet. Download this amazing app and discover how you can help more trees to be planted all over the world.

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