The puzzles games have become a quite present proposal within the different apps stores. The vast majority of these apps try that their goal is to challenge our ability to solve certain problems and create strategies to do so. This manages to hook us as users incentivizing us to get solutions intelligently. Download Energy to play an excellent puzzle.

Energy is an app about connection games where we will get hundreds of levels in which we will have to complete a series of circuits. This will make us challenge our creativity when joining these electrical circuits with light bulbs, cables and even light rays. Download Energy on your Smartphone.

Energy is a puzzle and concentration game that will never cease to amaze you

We started with a game that tries to give light to all the light bulbs that come our way. To achieve this task we will have to strategically move these cables that have an energy source. These can’t vary their position unlike cables and bulbs and are also represented with lightning.

The levels are almost infinite, so the fun never ends. When we manage to go through these levels we will get different types of connectors, some emit light and act as repeaters. If we can join all these energy sources with our bulbs we can level up.

By joining the circuit we will see that figures are formed that were hidden before completing our mission. By pressing our piece we will make it rotate and with that we can work on completing our circuit. The control system is extremely simple to use.

It is true that Energy is a very relaxing app that brings us beautiful graphics joining a delicate soundtrack that catches us and will leave us surprised. Its developers have commented that the game has a lot about imagination, art, design and even metaphysics.

The app allows you to take screenshots of those luminous figures that will appear as we finish our level. This video game is based on endless levels; for this we will have an infinite number of puzzles that will entertain us for a long time.

How to download Energy

You can download Energy in the App Store and Google Play for free for IOS and Android. Have fun and relax with a game of logic and infinite puzzles that will surprise you visually. Recharge your energy by joining the largest number of bulbs. Below we leave the link to download Energy.

The app is completely free when playing, we do not need to make any payment to meet our goals. In the same way we will find some ads that we can eliminate by making an external payment and thus enjoy an experience without interruptions at any time.

The amount of scenarios that we will have available, which in turn are infinite and in different ways will not let us get tired even for a moment of this video game.

We recommend you download Energy and immerse yourself in this atmosphere of tranquility and light. The vast majority of players have commented that this app is very addictive and gives you an experience full of relaxation.

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