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Running out of space on Android? Download Facebook Lite and save precious disk space with almost no trade off! Facebook Lite is an official app from Facebook. It’s a slimmed-down version for Android mobile that targets users in countries with limited bandwidth and limited budgets.

Facebook Lite is meant to cut off the amount of space it occupies in the device’s memory and the data it needs to function. This makes it lighter in weight and in data consumption than the original Facebook app. In many countries, networks are too slow to support the functionality of the original Facebook app.

So people who are still using slower 2G networks can use Facebook Lite to enjoy the Facebook experience and stay connected. But people in industrialized countries with 4G LTE have plenty of reasons to download Facebook Lite, too! Read below for more info, or skip to the download the button above.

Why download Facebook Lite?

Personally, I prefer Facebook Lite to the regular Facebook app. It can do 95% of the same stuff the full-size app can do, but takes up way less space. And I think all you Android users out there know how easy it is to run out of space! Did you know that the original Facebook app takes up around 30 MB? Well, Facebook Lite occupies less than 1 MB of your device’s storage, and still runs all the important features of the original Facebook app.

Anyway, I switched to Facebook Lite almost a year ago and I’m really enjoying it! And I really, really love that I can check and send messages without having to install a separate app for Facebook Messenger. It’s a great app, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just one more app taking up space.

The app provides the essential Facebook experience: status updates, photos, news feed, notifications, etc. You can manage messages in the same app, and I recently noticed that they fixed my only issue with FB Lite. When I used to click a link, it had to open in a separate browser app, which was kind of annoying. Now, all links open in the FB Lite app itself, and I loooove this update. Recent updates even support video playback, although admittedly it does take a few seconds to load.

Facebook Lite is also light on your battery. Running out of battery is a real problem that I always complain about. Partially because my boyfriend is always using my phone to play Clash Royale and is allergic to plugging things in (apparently)… Anyway, FB Lite lets me waste a lot more time with a lot less battery consumption.

Download Facebook Lite app

It’s quite simple; we offer you the link you need to download Facebook Lite for Android above here in the post. Simply tap the download button and download the app. If you are downloading it using a computer, just connect the device to the PC via cable or Bluetooth and transfer the downloaded file. You also have the option to get it from the Play Store, if you prefer.

Once you have the FB Lite file on your device, use your file manager app to locate it. Then, tap to install, accept any permissions, and that’s it. Open the app by tapping its icon, and login to your Facebook account using your email and password like normal. Or if you don’t have an account yet, create a new one in less than a minute.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll find yourself scrolling through your account’s news feed and friends’ posts and pictures, sending and receiving messages within the app, and enjoying… shall we say, a low-carb version?… of all the Facebook features you love.

Video of Facebook Lite
Download Facebook Lite
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