Photo editing apps is the entertainment of many. Download FaceTune to edit your photos in the best way from your Smartphone.

We know that there are times when we take a picture and we can’t capture all the colors that we want and that we really see. Sometimes the lighting does not help us or simply our mobile camera does not manage to capture those details that we want to highlight when sharing it.

That’s why apps like FaceTune have become so popular when retouching a photo. This app brings features that we were used to seeing usually when editing. We recommend this tool so that you can fully exploit your photo and obtain the result you had imagined.

Use FaceTune to edit your photos easily

Being able to touch up the most important aspects of our photo is something important. With this app you can now change aspects of your face as they have done for years in magazine editions. From changing the size of our chin to the size of the face is an option that you can use.

In this editing tool there are special functions to shine your skin, whiten the teeth, and remove wrinkle imperfections and even dark circles. This is not all, your hair can also be seen in another way, you can eliminate gray hair, fill in white spaces in our hair and remove hairs that make us look unkempt.

Not only you can edit certain imperfections. If at the time of taking your picture you did not wear makeup and now you want to add it, you have the option of doing it. You can choose shade, blush, contours, modify your eyebrows, put eyelashes and even paint your lips.

FaceTune is an intuitive app with respect to its tools. By using this app you will get an amazing photo with just a few tweaks that make you get what you imagined. Now all those photos are full of life and color to highlight your style and your good taste.

In addition to adding editing to your selfies you can make general retouching to all your photo of landscapes or favorite places. Focus on that leading element with the focus and blur option. Bring your image to life by improving light or using that series of predetermined special effects.

How to download FaceTune?

You can download FaceTune on Google Play and the App Store for Android and IOS. It is a free app. Get the best version of your photography and share it with your friends and family to surprise them with your work. Below we leave the link to download FaceTune.

If after finishing your edition you want to share it in social networks you can do it. Turn and crop the photo by customizing the size you want depending on the social network. You will no longer have to use another app to adapt the size of your photo, now you can do it all from one place.

FaceTune is an excellent option for those who want to achieve high quality, almost professional results; because your options are basic to have a clean result.

A final positive feature of this app is that it has a series of illustrations and videos that clearly teach you how to use each tool. You also have the option of contacting the developer team to consult any of your questions.

Video of FaceTune
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